Actress Jin Ah-reum Shows Love by Making a Lunch Box for Husband Namgoong Min

Actress Jin Ah-reum Shows Love for Husband Namgoong Min with Homemade Lunchbox

Seoul, South Korea –

Actress Jin Ah-reum has recently showcased her love and affection for her husband, renowned actor Namgoong Min, by preparing a thoughtful homemade lunchbox for him. Taking to her personal social media account on the 19th, Jin Ah-reum proudly shared a photo of the sumptuous lunchbox, describing its contents in detail. The meticulously prepared meal consisted of a diet lunchbox package, spinach chicken breast rice ball, grilled abalone with garlic butter, assorted fruits with ricotta cheese, and nutrition-packed cake rice.

Prior to unveiling the final product, Jin Ah-reum had earlier treated her followers to a glimpse of the cooking process through her Instagram stories. The pictures of the neatly prepped ingredients and the cooking procedure garnered much appreciation from her fans. The applause and support from her followers seemed all the more pronounced, likely owing to the fact that she had prepared this special lunchbox for her beloved husband, Namgoong Min.

Born in 1989, Jin Ah-reum first embarked on her career as a model in 2008, gracing the prestigious Seoul Collection stage. Subsequently, in 2015, she made her acting debut in the film ‘Light My Fire,’ wherein she crossed paths with Namgoong Min, who directed the movie. Their relationship blossomed from that point onwards, becoming public knowledge a year later. After enjoying a sweet and loving relationship for over seven years, the couple tied the knot in October of last year. Jin Ah-reum now embraces the role of a dedicated homemaker, striving to support Namgoong Min as he continues to dominate the small screen through his latest drama, ‘Lovers.’

Meanwhile, Namgoong Min has captivated audiences once again with his portrayal of Lee Jang-hyun in the highly anticipated MBC drama, ‘Lovers.’ In the series, Lee Jang-hyun is a man who appears indifferent and uncommitted to everything in life. However, a chance encounter with a woman leads him down an unexpected path, wherein fate takes an intriguing turn. With the addition of talented co-stars like Ahn Eun-jin as Yoo Gil-chae, Lee Hak-ju as Nam Yeon-jun, and Lee Da-in as Gyeong Eun-ae, anticipation for a second season continues to rise.


Actress Jin Ah-reum shared her current situation by making a love lunch box for her husband, actor Namgoong Min.

On the 19th, Jin Ah-reum revealed her neat lunch box through her personal account, saying, “Diet lunch box package, spinach chicken breast rice ball, grilled abalone with garlic butter, various fruits with ricotta cheese, cake nutritious rice,” and shared her current status as the queen of the housewives.

Previously, she took photos of the cooking process and posted them on her Instagram story. She even posted pictures of neatly prepared food, making viewers happy. The applause from fans gets louder, maybe because she is providing a lunch box for her husband, Nang Gung-min.

Jin Ah-reum, born in 1989, started her modeling career on the Seoul Collection stage in 2008. Then, in 2015, she appeared as an actor in the movie ‘Light My Fire’ and developed into a romantic relationship with actor Namgoong Min , who directed the film.

The two acknowledged their relationship the following year, enjoyed a public relationship for over seven years, and married in October last year. Jin Ah-reum spends happy days working hard to support Namgoong Min, who is dominating the home screen through the drama ‘Lovers’.

Namgoong Min met viewers through the new MBC drama ‘Lovers’ (written by Hwang Jin-young, directed by Kim Seong-yong). He takes on the role of Lee Jang-hyun, a man who does not give his sincerity to anything in the drama, but who opens the door to an unexpected fate after getting to know a woman. The collaboration with Ahn Eun-jin, who plays Yoo Gil-chae, Lee Hak-ju, who plays Nam Yeon-jun, and Lee Da-in, who plays Gyeong Eun-ae, rises expectations for season 2.


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