Actress Jo Eun appeared in her 50s From Profile to Age…Family?

Actress Jo Eun appeared in her 50s From Profile to Age…Family?

From the profile of Cho Eun-sook, a representative actress in her 50s, her age attracts attention.

Jo Eun-sook, who appeared on MBC’s ‘Studying Money’, which aired in 2020, drew attention when her husband Park Deok-gyun and her three daughters appeared together.

At that time, Jo Eun-sook portrayed her husband, Park Deok-gyun, having a good time tasting the breakfast with her daughters.

In another broadcast, Jo Eun-sook bragged about her husband. He says his husband is not allowed to go into the kitchen at weekends.

In response, Jo Eun-sook said, “They said the reason they couldn’t go into the kitchen was too annoying. I want to be with my husband, but he says ‘don’t come in’. Even when going out with children, if you say ‘I’ll go out too’, say ‘don’t come out’. Kids are kids too, but they say I’m too baby-like.”

Jo Eun-sook’s profile is 52 years old, born in 1970. Jo Eun-sook, who made her first appearance in the 1996 film ‘The Day a Pig Fell into the Well’, is a 26-year-old middle-aged actress. .

Jo Eun-sook, who married her husband of the same age in 2005 and has three children, recently appeared in the film ‘Make a Relationship’.

Park Byung-il’s father-in-law became a hot topic when it was revealed that he was a lawyer and a prosecutor as the 11th member of the National Assembly.

Cho Eun-sook’s awards include the Golden Cinematography Award for Best New Actress in 1997 and the KBS Yeongae Awards for Best Supporting Actress in 1998.

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