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Genealogy Sp | Samayam Malayalam | Updated: 6 February 2023, 4:23 pm


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Actress Kangana has always been at the forefront of creating controversies. Kangana’s new film Emergency, which tells the story of Indira Gandhi’s life, is all set to release. Now Kangana has again come out with some controversies. Kangana claims that a couple of Bollywood stars are following her. Kangana says this star is a Casanova and she is known to be followed wherever she goes, camera eyes are not only on the road but also around her house and even her charts work is dropped to them. Kangana also notes that even her stylists now work with them. Kangana also says that that actor’s wife is also cooperating in all these matters. The actor explained the matter through the Instagram store. Many comments came under this Instagram story. There were also discussions about who the star couple was under this Instagram story. Kangana has succumbed to many controversies before. Twitter has suspended Kangana’s account several times due to repeated violations. Now the actor is active on Instagram. Kangana will play the role of Indira Gandhi in Emergency. Fans have high hopes for this movie.


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