Actress Ki Eun-se Shines with Confidence After Divorce Announcement: Shares Photos of Her Elegant Charm

Actress Ki Eun-se Shares Post-Divorce Photos, Receives Heartfelt Support

By Siho Lee, September 23, 2023, 20:34

Famous actress Ki Eun-se, who recently announced her divorce after 11 years of marriage, has taken to Instagram to share her current status with her fans. In a series of photos posted on the 23rd, Ki Eun-se showed off her timeless beauty and elegance, leaving fans captivated.

In one of the photos, Ki Eun-se can be seen wearing a stunning silver vintage outfit as she confidently walks. The actress exudes charm, and her fans were quick to express their admiration and support. Netizens showered her with heartfelt comments like, “Unni, you always give it your all,” “Take care of your health,” and “I’m here for you.”

On the heels of her divorce announcement, Ki Eun-se opened up about her decision to end her marriage with a Korean-American businessman 12 years her senior. Through her agency Sublime, she stated, “I have made the difficult decision to part ways with someone I have been with for a significant portion of my life. We will continue to support and encourage each other on our individual paths moving forward.”

Ki Eun-se made her debut in 2006 with the KBS drama ‘The Invisible Man Choi Chang-soo’ and has since established herself as a talented actor and model. In 2012, she married the aforementioned Korean-American businessman, which led to a life of luxury for the couple. However, Ki Eun-se recently announced their divorce, marking the end of their marital journey.

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Reporter Siho Lee | 2023.09.23 20:34

/Photo=Ki Eun-se SNS captures actress Ki Eun-se, who announced her divorce after 11 years of marriage, and shared her current status.

On the 23rd, Ki Eun-se posted several photos on her Instagram with the caption, “If you’re curious about old fashioned money.”

In the released photo, Ki Eun-se shows off her elegant charm by wearing a silver vintage perfectly. Ki Eun-se’s confident steps captured the hearts of the fans.

/Photo = Ki Eun-se SNS still Netizens sent heartfelt responses such as “Unni who always does her best,” “Your health always comes first,” and “I support you.”

Meanwhile, on the 22nd, Ki Eun-se announced her divorce from her husband, a Korean-American businessman 12 years her senior, through her agency Sublime, saying, “I have brought about my marriage with someone I have be with them for a long time to come. , supporting each other in their future paths.”

Ki Eun-se debuted in the 2006 KBS drama ‘The Invisible Man Choi Chang-soo’ and worked as an actor and model. In 2012, she married a Korean-American businessman 12 years her senior and had a married life luxurious, but recently announced the news of a divorce.

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