Actress Kim Go-eun Shares Updates During Chuseok Holiday, Filming ‘Love in the Big City’

Kim Go-eun Enjoying Chuseok Holiday with Her Dog Wol-i

Renowned actress Kim Go-eun recently shared glimpses of her Chuseok holiday on her personal social media account. In a series of selfies, she captioned, “Date ♡.”

The photos showcase Kim Go-eun spending quality time at a cozy cafe with her adorable companion, Wol-i. The actress is seen sitting on a comfy sofa, radiating joy as she gently touches her face. Furthermore, she cherished the holiday by taking leisurely walks with Wol-i.

Notably, Kim Go-eun exhibited her unique fashion sense, effortlessly combining jeans, a vibrantly patterned shirt, and a stylish hat.

Kim Go-eun’s Exciting Film Project: ‘Love in the Big City’

In the midst of her delightful holiday, Kim Go-eun is simultaneously engrossed in filming for her upcoming movie, ‘Love in the Big City’. This film revolves around the story of Jae-hee (portrayed by Kim Go-eun), an unapologetically nonconformist individual, and Heung-su (played by Noh Sang-hyun), who skillfully conceals hidden truths about his origins. Together, they embark on a captivating love journey.

Directed by Lee Eon-hee, ‘Love in the Big City’ is based on the highly acclaimed novel of the same name written by Booker Prize-nominated author Park Sang-young. This literary masterpiece has garnered immense international recognition, including three major world literature awards and the prestigious Dublin International Literary Award.

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Reporter Seunghoon Lee | 2023.09.30 17:19

/Photo=SNS Kim Go-eun
Actress Kim Go-eun revealed her current status during the Chuseok holiday.

On the afternoon of the 30th, Kim Go-eun posted several selfies on her personal SNS, saying, “Date ♡.”

In the photo, Kim Go-eun enjoys some time in a cafe with her dog Wol-i. Kim Go-eun is sitting on the sofa, smiling happily while touching her face. He also enjoys a happy holiday walking the streets with Wol-i.

In particular, Kim Go-eun showed off her unique fashion sense by pairing jeans with a shirt with a colorful pattern and a hat.

/Photo=Kim Go-eun SNS/Photo=Kim Go-eun SNS
Kim Go-eun is currently filming the movie ‘Love in the Big City’. ‘Love in the Big City’ is a film about Jae-hee (Kim Go-eun), a soulless man who doesn’t care what others think, and Heung-su (played by Noh Sang-hyun), who have mastered the art of hiding birth secrets, as they live together and share their own love story.

Director Lee Eon-hee directed the film ‘Love in a Big City’, which is based on the best-selling book of the same name by Booker Prize-nominated author Park Sang-young, one of the three main world literatures. awards, and the Dublin International Literary Award, and is attracting attention not only domestically but also abroad.

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