Actress Srividya Mullacherry, who discovered a Thug Vaidyar in Munnar, shared an interesting video | Actress Srividya finds Tag Vaidyar in Munnar and shares an interesting video

Audiences’ own Srividya Mullacherry is an active star on social media. The actor shares most of the news, pictures and videos through it. Now, Srividya has shared an interesting video of Tag Vaidyar she met during her trip to Munnar. This video has been taken over by social media.

Sreevidya Mullacherry meets Thug Vaidyan in Munnar (Image Source: Instagram)

Although she has acted in a few films, Srividya Mullacherry is a fan favorite. Srividya’s first film was an old bob story released in 2018. However, it was Flower TV’s Star Magic that won Srividya’s attention. After that, Srividya started a channel called Yolo on YouTube. Srividya shares her hilarious stories and travel stories with her fans on the channel and on social media. Autaram often shares new photoshoot pictures and personal pleasures on Instagram. Now the actress has shared a very interesting video. The video posted by Srividya with the caption ‘Thug Vaidyar of Munnar’ has received a lot of attention.

The video begins with the conversation, “Doctor, I’ll see a doctor in a coat and suit for the first time.” After that, the doctor looks at Srividya’s pulse and presents Srividya in a very interesting way. At the end of this funny video, Srividya gives Vaidyar tug life glasses through Instagram.



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