Actress victim of’Cho Deokje sexual harassment’ wins some of the media outlets


[매일경제 스타투데이 진향희 기자]

Based on the allegation of actor Cho Duck-je, who was confirmed to be accused of sexual harassment, the court has admitted responsibility for compensation for damages by the media who reported false facts about the victim actress.
The 14th Division of the Civil Agreement of the Seoul Central District Court ruled that some of the plaintiffs won a lawsuit for damages filed by actor Ban Min-jung against five media outlets.
Earlier, Cho Duk-je was convicted in the Supreme Court for forcibly harassing the other actor, such as touching the body of the other actor, Ban Min-jung, without agreement during filming.
According to the court’s decision to recommend reconciliation, some media deleted the article and apologized to Anti-Min-Jung. However, SBS Plus refused to mediate and proceeded with a lawsuit and was ruled to pay Mr. Ban 3 million won for alimony.
Meanwhile, Judge Lee Young-gwang, the exclusive judge of the Civil Affairs 7 of the Southern District of Seoul, ruled that Mr. Cho pay 30 million won for alimony in a counter-action case in May last year in which Cho Deok-je and Ban Min-jeong claimed compensation against each other.
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