Actress Yun Yoo-seon, dreams of becoming an opera singer as a ‘home music’ DJ [종합]

Actor Yun Yoo-sun, who has warmed up the home theater with warmth and simplicity, challenges himself to become a radio DJ. It is ‘home music’ filled with classical music that I have longed for.
On the afternoon of the 23rd, a press conference was held at the KBS building in Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul for KBS Classic FM’s ‘Yun Yoo-sun’s Home Music’. Actor Yoon Yoo-sun and Jeong Yoo-ra PD attended the event.

‘Home Music’ is a radio program specializing in classical music, which runs for two hours during the week from 9:00am to 11:00am. Actress Kim Mi-sook, who had been in charge of the ‘home music’ DJ for 5 years, stepped down, and Yoon Yoo-sun was chosen as her successor.

‘Home Music’ is the representative classical radio of KBS which has existed for about 43 years since 1980. Yoon Yoo-sun also emphasized that she likes home music. After receiving information that he enjoys listening to ‘home music’, the production team offered Yoon Yoo-sun a DJ position, and Yoon Yoo-sun said, “Is this a true story?” i wanted

A prolonged admiration of classical music led him to ‘home music’. In fact, he was also an aspiring singer, and participated as a famous choir in the JTBC entertainment program ‘Hot Singers’, which ended last year.Photo iMBC Entertainment News
“I majored in vocal music and studied with the dream of becoming an opera singer. I quit after knowing my skills. It doesn’t seem like time is wasted.”

It is up to the production team to choose the songs, but the DJ must also have a deep knowledge of classical music. Yun Yoo-sun honestly said that she does not know classical music well at the level of an expert.

He said, “Rather, I don’t know much, so I wonder if there is an aspect of matching with viewers of a similar eye level to mine,” he said. “I was afraid, but music is not difficult. I think the program that has a good influence is ‘music at home’.”

He also expressed his respect for former DJ and actress Kim Mi-sook, who has led ‘house music’ for around 5 years. Yoon Yoo-seon said, “I want to give you an award personally. I met a teacher and a student in a work called ‘High School Student Diary.’ Because I’m doing it. I’m going to start with half excitement and half anticipation.”

Photo iMBC Entertainment News
Yun Yoo-seon is an actor with 50 years of acting experience. In 1974, he appeared for the first time as a child actor in the film ‘Someone to Meet’. He has established himself in dozens of dramas by appearing in lead and supporting roles. Recently, he appeared in MBC drama ‘Tomorrow’ and JTBC drama ‘Understanding Love’.

As my main job is an actor, I am determined not to neglect my work. “There are no broadcasts on the weekends, so I’ll try to adjust by April,” he joked.

Producer Jung Yoo-ra said that the reason for casting Yun Yoo-haul was “her honesty and simple charm”. He said, “I’m sincere when dealing with people. I think those parts will come out well when dealing with listeners’ stories. Also, enjoying music is really important, so wouldn’t that be convey well?”

With the replacement of the DJ, there will be changes in the corner and the selection of songs. PD Jung suggested, “I try to choose friendly music suitable for a DJ, and I try to reorganize it and present it differently from the current corner.”

Finally, Yoon Yoo-seo asked about expectations for her new ‘home music’. He said, “The listeners are warm-hearted. I think it’s because they love classical music. I hope you enjoy it,” he said.

‘Yoon Yoo-seon’s Home Music’ will be broadcast for the first time at 9:00am on weekdays from the 27th.

iMBC Seunghun Baek | Photo courtesy of KBS

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