‘Adamas’ Ji Sung, Heo Seong-tae and Seo Ji-hye face-to-face… Heo Seong-tae aimed a gun to hide his identity [종합]

[OSEN=김예솔 기자] Ji-sung had a three-way meeting with Heo Seong-tae and Seo Ji-hye.

In the tvN Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Adamas’, which was broadcast on the 28th, a three-way meeting with Ha Woo-shin (Ji-seong), Choi (Heo Seong-tae), and Hye-soo (Seo Ji-hye) was depicted.

On this day, General Choi pointed a gun at Hausin, who knew his identity as the undercover. Chief Choi said that Hausin seemed to be looking for someone. Eunhye-soo said, “The only thing I saw was a situation where he was aiming a gun. I didn’t look suspicious at all, but what must the writer do in broad daylight?”

To this, Butler Kwon asked, “What I am curious about is why I went to the forest. Chief Choi went hunting, and why did the writer teacher go to the forest?” Hausin asked Chairman Kwon to stand alone. He had a foreboding that Hau-sin, who lives in Kwon, had a different plan and that he had joined Haesongwon.

Hausin talked with Chairman Kwon. Hausin said, “It’s a difference of interpretation. The general manager is putting doubts on the floor because of his job,” he said. Chairman Kwon asked, “Why did you go to the forest?” Hausin said that he went for a walk in the forest alone. But when Deacon Kwon heard this story from the president, he did not believe it.

Hausin said to Choi, “Are you trying to test whether the general manager is leaking or not?” “I kept my promise. Please get me out of the surveillance system right away.” Director Choi said, “I’ll give you a tip instead. Be careful, butler. He’s a dog born to be a housekeeper. His hobbies are also bad. Three maids fell down once.”

Hausin threatened to reveal the fact that Chief Choi was undercover. Choi said, “I’m not the only one who snore. You got bitten, too.” Then, General Choi asked, “Are you sure that Adamas is in this house?” Hausin was convinced that the owner of Adamas is here.
[사진 : tvN 수목드라마 ‘아다마스’ 방송캡쳐]

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