Add richer creative expression! Adobe Fresco imports functions such as liquefaction and magic wand

Since its launch in 2019, Adobe Fresco has continued to bring new features and experiences to users, adding more than 100 new features that make drawing, painting, and artistic creation easy and convenient. During this nearly three-year period, the Adobe Fresco community has drawn 18 billion brush strokes and created more than 200 million creative projects. Today, iPhone, iPad, or Windows users can use hundreds of brushes, countless layers, and powerful tools to create inspired creations.

Powerful new features and tools that Fresco rolls out every month, some of the most user-favorite features include:

Reference layer: The reference layer separates the line art layer from the fill layer. Simply assign your linework as a reference layer, then select another layer to create, and the fill tool will automatically create based on the contents of your reference layer. Recently used brushes: It can be difficult for users to recall the brushes they used when they started painting months ago. The recently used brushes feature helps keep track of all the brushes a user has used in their creative profile for easy selection again. Perspective Grid Capture: Perspective Grid Capture uses Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence technology to automatically create perspective grids from imported images, layers or the entire document, allowing users to more easily view their works when creating. Comic Vector Brushes: The Comic Vector Brush feature is designed to make it easier than ever to create comics with Fresco. These include a G-Pen that accurately draws the main lines of a variety of characters to bring characters to life, a drawing pen for retouching small characters such as hair and facial features, and a drawing pen that helps users draw more even frame lines and drawing pen on the background.

The new Comic Vector Brush feature is designed to make it easier than ever to create comic-style work. (Art by Kazuharu Kina)

In this month’s Fresco 3.6 version, two powerful new features have been added to help users experience using Fresco:

Magic Wand: The Magic Wand tool helps users quickly select an area of ​​a work and make dynamic fine-tuning that specifically focuses on a specific range of work. Use the Liquify tool to make small or large adjustments to your work: Users can now push, pull, twist, shrink, or inflate specific areas on Fresco using the Liquify tools commonly found in Photoshop.

The new Magic Wand feature helps users quickly select an area of ​​a work and fine-tune it dynamically. (Art by Pei Hsin-Cho)

Users can now use the Liquify tool to push, pull, twist, shrink or inflate specific areas on the Fresco. (Art by Kyle Webster)

Painting has become a top leisure activity for many new users over the past few years, and Fresco is also on the road of continuous improvement and growth, providing users with a refreshing experience for free. With the increasing number of people looking for new creative methods, in order to ensure that it can better meet the expectations of advanced users, the functions are more in-depth and rich, convenient and easy to use, Fresco has also launched a paid version, anyone who wants to use advanced shapes, brushes, etc. function user.

This article adds a richer creative expression! Adobe Fresco imported functions such as liquefaction and magic wand first appeared in computer DIY.

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