Added “Golf” to “Nintendo Switch Sports” on November 29

There is Nintendo‘Nintendo Switch Games’About the new event“golf”announced that a free update to add will be rolling out on Tuesday, November 29th.

“Nintendo Switch Sports” continues from 2006『 Wii Sports 』This is the latest work in the series. It is characterized by the ability to enjoy various events with intuitive operation using Nintendo Switch’s “Joy-Con”, and was very popular in the previous series.BowlingChanbaratennisIn addition, newVolleyball/Badminton/FootballYou can play competitions like

“Golf”, which will be added in a new free update this time, shake the Joy-Con just like real golf to fly the ball and aim for a cup in with as few strokes as possible . It was also included in the “Wii Sports” series,A total of 21 types of holes are operated with good viewsIt is said that

(Image from Official Nintendo Topics)

Before you actually hit the ball, you can practice swinging and check the strength and direction of your swing. Let’s adjust the force according to the point you want to fly by looking at the course map. It is also essential to predict how the ball will bend, taking into account the wind direction shown in the top right corner of the screen and the height difference shown on the green.

And in the online “play with people from all over the world” mode, up to 8 people can go around the course at the same time and drop the player with the most strokes.“Survival Golf”is playable. Survive to the end and aim for victory. Also, as a new advertisement, “Hajimete no Golf” has been released, so if you’re interested, check it out.

Nintendo Switch Sports is available now for Nintendo Switch. A free update that adds “Golf” to the same works is due out on Tuesday, November 29th. For details, refer to Nintendo’s official topics.

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