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Added popular titles such as ‘Beyond the Light’

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Microsoft adds a host of popular titles, including Back 4 Blood, Destiny 2: Beyond Light, and Visage, to its game subscription service Xbox Game Pass in October said he did

With Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft is enabling users to play their favorite games anytime, anywhere on consoles, PCs, iOS and Android mobile devices. In addition, we are continuously strengthening our content lineup to satisfy the diverse tastes of users.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – Xbox Game Pass for Console/PC/Ultimate, [email protected] *October 6

‘Totally Accumulator Battle Simulator’, officially released after successful completion of the game preview program, is the most staggering physics-based battle simulation game ever. You can lead and watch their war. Not only that, you can create your own wobble in the unit creator, or send your own troops to battle your friends in multiplayer mode.

The Procession to Calvary – Xbox Game Pass for Console/PC/Ultimate, [email protected] *October 7

‘The Procession to Mount Calvary’ is a Pythonesque adventure game that showcases one of the absurd humor derived from Monty Python. In a colorful and detailed landscape of hundreds of Renaissance paintings, players embark on a quest to capture a tyrant with an anonymous heroine, and face bizarre characters, esoteric puzzles, and incredible stories.

Visage – Xbox Game Pass for Console/PC/Ultimate, [email protected] *October 7

The first-person psychological horror game ‘Visage’ is a game that explores an ever-changing, mysterious mansion, offering players a truly terrifying experience in a strangely familiar and terrifyingly realistic setting.

Back 4 Blood – Xbox Game Pass for Console/PC/Ultimate *October 12

‘Back for Blood’ is a thrilling first-person co-op shooter from the creators of the acclaimed Left 4 Dead series. Intense four-player co-op campaigns, as well as unstoppable thrilling gameplay with multiplayer competing as a human or lead.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Xbox Game Pass for Console/PC/Ultimate *October 12

‘Destiny 2: Beyond the Light’ tells the story of a new power born from an ancient pyramid ship on the frozen border of Europa, and the rise of a dark empire that has gathered under the Fallen Kell of Darkness ‘Eramis’. Even if the power of darkness itself is used, the player and fellow guardians must do everything possible to bring down the empire.

Ring of Pain – Xbox Game Pass for Console/PC/Ultimate, [email protected] *October 14

In the rogue-like card game ‘Ring of Pain’, players contemplate whether to collect the loot or face an approaching fear, and make important decisions at every stage surrounding the ring. Inside, you will encounter strange friends with gifts and treasures, and you must choose your equipment wisely to survive and uncover the secrets.

The Riftbreaker – Xbox Game Pass for PC/Ultimate/Console (Xbox Series X|S), [email protected] *October 14

‘Liftbreaker’ is about becoming an elite scientist and special forces soldier in a mecha suit and entering a one-way portal to a distant planet in order to build a base necessary for both returning to Earth and pioneering. The game progresses as you build a base, collect samples, and research new inventions to survive.

The Good Life – Xbox Game Pass for Console/PC/Ultimate, [email protected] *October 15

‘The Good Life’ is the story of Rainy Woods (the happiest place in the world), when Naomi Hayward, a reporter who is sitting in debt, accepts a request from the Morning Bell newspaper to ‘unravel the mystery of a small British town’. Rainy Woods) tells the story that takes place.

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