(Additional) Function International IPO 130 million shares to SET

Functions Plc. International Submit a registration statement (filing) and draft prospectus to the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the initial public offering (IPO) of 130,000,000 shares, valued At 1 baht per share, the company will list its ordinary shares on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) with Phillip Securities (Thailand) as a financial advisor and underwriter and underwriter.

The Company’s objective is to use the proceeds from the offering of new ordinary shares to the general public at this time. For use in expanding dealers within the year 65-67, including the expansion of 50 Aquatek stores, expected to invest approximately 150 million baht, and the expansion of 5 branches of Water Store, expected to spend about 15 million baht, for decoration. New product exhibition and distribution building Expected to spend about 35 million baht and used to renovate warehouse buildings in the years 65-66, including improvements to expand warehouse space and investment in warehouse management systems. and install solar panels Expected to use a total investment of 15 million baht, including used to expand the production capacity in the year 65-66 is expected to use 5 million baht, the rest will be used as working capital

Functions Plc. International (FTI) operates an import business. Assembling and distributing products related to water treatment systems (Water Treatment), a complete solution, such as water filters Distributor of filters, filters, as well as equipment for water filtration. including related services It has a registered capital of 450 million baht, divided into 450 million shares, of which 320 million baht is issued and paid-up capital, divided into 320 million ordinary shares, with a par value of 1 baht per share.

For future projects, the Company has a business plan to develop the Company’s operations. It will expand the business in terms of customer base, production capacity and production efficiency. including product base

The Company’s major shareholder is Mr. Vikorn Phuvapat, holding 6.66% before the IPO, holding 4.73% after the IPO, Mrs. Woraya Phuvapat, holding shares before the IPO. in the proportion of 6.66% after the IPO is at 4.73% and the Function Group Company Limited before the IPO holds 86.69% after the IPO is at 61.65%. The Function Group Company Limited is Company which operates business by holding shares in other companies All shares are held by Phuvapat family. Has registered capital and paid-up capital of 50,000,000 baht, divided into 500,000 shares with a par value of 100 baht per share.

In terms of the Company’s operating results, in the year 61-63, the total revenue was 726.09 million baht, 738.53 million baht, 870.90 million baht, respectively. For 9 months of the year 64, the total revenue was 548.06 million baht. mostly from sales Household products, commercial products and industrial products and filters (Media), as well as service income. However, during the year 64, the Company’s revenue from sales and services decreased by 20.13% compared to the same period last year. Due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic situation which reduced the purchasing power of consumers

Net profit in 2018-2020 was 51.99 million baht, 37.75 million baht, 70.30 million baht, respectively, while 9 months of the year 64 had a net profit of 25.92 million baht, a decrease of 59.70% compared to the same period last year. because the company’s income decreased due to the impact of the COVID-19 virus. The decrease in income was from household and commercial products.

The Company has a policy to pay dividends to shareholders at least 40% of the net profit after corporate income tax. and after deducting the legal reserve each year



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