Additional purchase of edible treatment… Vaccine pass validity period “6 months”

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The government has decided to purchase more medicines to take and supply them in a hurry for those who are being treated at home.

In addition, the current quarantine pass has been approved for up to 6 months.

Within that, you need to complete the booster vaccination.

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The government has decided to increase the purchase of oral medicines to reduce the incidence of gastroenteritis.

After signing a purchase contract with Pfizer and MSD for 404 million people, they plan to purchase an additional 92,000 supplies next month.

In addition, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety expeditiously proceeded with the approval process for emergency use, and decided to advance the introduction period to the end of this year.

We also decided to actively use the domestic antibody treatment Lekkinase, which was previously only used in hospitals dedicated to infectious diseases.

In the future, it will be used for treatment in general hospitals as well as living treatment centers and nursing hospitals.

Home therapists will also be able to receive treatment at an outpatient treatment center if necessary.

The government expects that widespread use of antibody therapeutics will help prevent the aggravation of mild cases and reduce the burden on the medical system.


“The government will do its utmost to prevent the conversion to serious illness and death through the pre-purchase and prompt introduction of oral treatment for COVID-19, and the expansion of the use of domestic lekkorina.”

In addition, to encourage booster vaccination, the quarantine pass issued to those who have completed the vaccination has a validity period of 6 months.

This means that in order to freely use multi-use facilities with the quarantine pass, you must receive a booster vaccination.

The six-month validity period was set in consideration of the five-month booster vaccination interval and one-month grace period.

The validity period of this quarantine pass will be applied from the 20th of next month.

“Now, the third inoculation is not a booster, but a basic inoculation, and it is necessary to change the perception that inoculation is completed only when the third inoculation is completed.”

In addition, due to the outbreak of group infection in movie theaters, it has been decided to temporarily ban eating and drinking in movie theaters, which was allowed for those who completed vaccination.

In addition, we stopped contact visits between nursing hospitals and facilities, and strengthened quarantine so that senior citizens and senior welfare facilities can only use facilities after completing additional vaccinations.

This is Park Jin-joo from MBC News.

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