‘Additional questions to the president’ personal threats MBC reporter .. investigation begins

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The police launched an investigation after a post threatening to harm an MBC reporter asked additional questions of President Yoon Seok-yeol and got into a war of words with the presidential secretary.

The police have taken steps to protect the reporter and are pursuing the author of this article.

Reporter Yoon Soo-han covered the story.

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This is an article that was posted yesterday morning on the most distant online community, ‘Daily Best’.

On the 18th, along with a short video of the MBC reporter and the presidential secretary for public relations planning, he wrote that he would harm the reporter with a gun.

The author, who said, “I will go to MBC,” even mentioned a specific criminal instrument.

He asked additional questions to President Yoon Seok-yeol, who defined the MBC profanity controversy as “malicious fake news,” and threatened the MBC reporter who had an argument with his secretary with a horrible expression.

After receiving the report from the citizens, the police confirmed the safety of the reporter and took measures to protect him, such as giving him a smart watch.

In addition, we launched an investigation by identifying the Internet IP address where the post was written and tracing the author.

The post in question has now been deleted, but there are still harsh reactions towards the MBC reporter on the bulletin board.

In the MBC reporter’s personal email, hundreds of emails containing expressions of criticism and threats poured in after the weekend.

The level and frequency of attacks directed at reporters seems to be increasing after recent criticism focused on passports, focusing on the questioning attitude and clothing of MBC reporters.

The MBC Journalists Association said, “Physical intimidation and threats against reporters is a very serious issue that shakes the foundation of press freedom.”

MBC intends to take strong action against the authors who posted threats, such as requesting investigations and charges.

This is Yoon Soo-han from MBC News.

Video comment: Park Hye-Rin

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