(Additional) The Commission found 271 new cases of COVID-infected cases in Thailand, 78.- Proactive check.

The COVID-19 Situation Management Center (STF) reports the situation of the COVID-19 outbreak. In the country today that There were 271 new cases of infection, including 78 cases of domestic infection from the surveillance system and the service system, 14 from Bangkok, Samut Prakan 5, Chonburi 5, Rayong 8, Nakhon Ratchasima 1 case, Nonthaburi 2 cases, Pathum Thani 1 case, Samut Sakhon 36. 1 case of rai Singburi, Angthong 5 cases, the community proactive search 181 cases from Samut Sakhon 172 cases, Chachoengsao 1 case, Chonburi 5 cases, Rayong 3 cases

The 12 foreign arrivals were divided into the state-provided quarantine facilities, 11 from Pakistan, 2 from Hungary, 1, the UK, 2, the US, 1, Russia, the Netherlands, 1, Canada. 1 Germany, 1 Indonesia, and 1 traveler from Malaysia (un screened and detention)

Cumulative number of confirmed cases in the country The latest is 11,262 cases, with 5,863 domestic infectious cases and 3,187 proactive screening, while 2,212 arrivals from overseas, with 7,660 cured patients, an increase of 717. 2 more lives, bringing the cumulative death toll to 69.

First death Is a 71-year-old British man with a congenital disease on Dec. 5, traveling from London to Thailand on Dec. 7, entering an alternative quarantine facility (ASQ), found pneumonia, worsening symptoms, and died on 13 m. C.

Another case is a 53-year-old Thai man, a contractor with diabetes mellitus. Having a history of traveling to Chanthaburi, Chonburi and Phetchaburi by private car. Between 26-30 Dec, by 3 Jan, began to have a fever, headache on Jan. 5, admitted to Nonthaburi Hospital. Coronavirus was detected and pneumonia worsened rapidly and died on Jan. 10.

Dr. Taweesil Wissanu Yothin, a spokesman for the Commission, said that there are currently a total of 60 outbreaks in the country with a stable trend. There were more than 50 provinces with cumulative cases, 10 provinces with 11-50 cases of cumulative infection, 12 provinces, provinces with 1-10 cases of cumulative infection, 38 provinces and 17 provinces with no positive infections. It can be seen from the number of new cases in the second week of the month. January, with 1,209 in two days, below half the 2,600 in its first week, giving some level of trust. If everyone works together, they believe it will help control the situation.

After January 17, 64, there will be an assessment of whether the measures released on Jan. 4, 64 are effective or not, but everyone must seek cooperation from everyone to continue the measures until the date. 31 Jan ’20 If the situation improves, there is no need to add more control measures such as the announcement of curfews, lockdowns, etc.

The top 10 provinces with the highest number of new and cumulative cases from 18 Dec ’20 – 14 Jan ’21 were Samut Sakhon 3,599 cases, Chonburi 630 cases, Rayong 564 cases, Bangkok 526 cases, Samut Prakan 304 cases, Chanthaburi 212 cases. Nonthaburi 149 cases, Ang Thong 89 cases, Nakhon Pathom 77 cases and Pathum Thani 68 cases

A spokesman for the Commission added that Today, the number of new cases in Chonburi Province is declining. While Chanthaburi and Samut Sakhon tend to be stable, Rayong province tends to increase.

As for the loading progress of the application “Mor Won”, the latest on Jan 13, 64, with a load of 7.18 million, an increase from the previous with a load of 6.79 million users. 5.05 million actually registered users, an increase of 4.83 million previously, but because Thailand has a population of about 70 million, if the load increases to 40 million, it will help prevent it. Because until the results of the vaccine are valid, you may have to wait until the end of the year. As a result of loading the app After the Department of Disease Control found an infected person notified those at risk to observe their symptoms, for example, the case on January 9, 64, there were 112 alerts in Bangkok, on January 10, 64. There were 394 alerts in Bangkok and on 13 Jan. 64, 135 in Chonburi province.

While the situation of COVID-19 Globally, 742,402 new infections have been recorded, resulting in an increase of 92,767,845 cases, an additional 16,288 deaths, resulting in 1,986,696 deaths, with the United States having the highest cumulative infection 23,616,345 followed by India 10,512,831. Brazil 8,257,459 cases, Russia 3,471,053, and the United Kingdom 3,211,576


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