(Address) Held 「Preparatory Meeting for Refinement of Business Start-up Order」 in relation to cargo unity refused to transport together – Press release | briefing room | news

Cargo Solidarity jointly refuses to ship
Working level preparation meeting for oil refining industry business startup orderHold on

Review all methods, including issuing work start orders, to minimize public damage

Il-jun Jae Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Park2a loanmoney 12.1.(neck) 14in the Korea Petroleum Association transportation of goodsAbout the solidarity of collective refusal to transport Working level preparation meeting for oil refining industry business startup orderhold an emergencyhe did.

ㅇ In the meeting, oil purification4buy(SKE, GSC, HDO, S-OIL), Korea petroleum association, petrol stationAssociation, Industries such as the Petroleum Distribution Association and the Korea Petroleum Corporation, NH, Relevant organizations such as oil pipeline construction attend,

yes Order to start workneed for Previous review of legal requirements, etc.do, If it is necessary Check readiness to respond quicklyOn the other hand, Unity Cargo Group due to long refusal to ship Check industry damage status, discuss countermeasureshe did.

Overview of the working level preparation meeting for the start-up order of the oil refining industry

ㅇ Date / Place : ’22. 12. 1(neck) 14:00 ~ 15:00 / Korea Petroleum Association meeting room

ㅇ Participants : Il-Jun Jae Ministry of Industry Park2a loan, Director of Resource and Industry Policy, head of the petroleum industry

essential oil4buy, Korea petroleum association, Gas Station Association, Petroleum Trade Association,

Oil Corporation, NH, Construction of an oil pipeline, etc.

ㅇ Main content : Legal requirements for issuing a business commencement order in the oil refining industry, Examining precautionary measures, etc.

Inspection of the current status of damage to the oil refining industry and countermeasures due to the cargo union’s collective refusal to ship

Refusal of Cargo Solidarity Consolidated Transport 8primary ‘22.12.1(neck)08by city, Nationwide out of stocka cow 33check by locationcoming, a full day 08by city 23compared to the place 10place increaseIt’s a shame.

yes Especially, apart from the metropolitan area Chungnam 4place, Gangwon 1place, Jeonbuk 1placein Selling outphenomenon occursDue to refusal of joint transport, such as The damage to the industry is steadily increasingcome there is a situation.

* 12.1(neck)08Total number of gas stations out of stock nationwide by city 33place(gasoline 30place, through 3place)in, Seoul by region 15place, gem 11place, Incheon 1place, Chungnam 4place, Gangwon 1place, Jeonbuk 1point distribution

So, Ministry of Industry oil purificationTotal Emergency Squadwhile continuing to operate the refinery and depots, etc. Mouth back main base·Shipping Status a Out of Stock Gas Stations Status My back real time monitordoing,

* (composition) Ministry of Industry, essential oil4buy, Korea petroleum association, Korea Gas Station Association, Korea Petroleum Trade Association, Korea Oil Pipeline Corporation, Korea National Oil Corporation, Korea Petroleum Authority, etc.

yes military tank truck(5big), farm·Suhyup Tank Truck(29big) etc. Emergency alternative modes of transport safehe did, Relevant Ministries, Securing additional alternative transport is with related organizations and industries ongoing consultations for To prevent the expansion of out-of-stock gas stations, Replydo.

attend the meeting Vice Minister Park Il-joonby all comments governmentis a cargo regiment group due to transport Out of stock at some gas stations situation is fine take seriouslydoing,

yes Cargo Regiment prompt return to work Encouragea, due to joint transport refusal nationreduce their damageTo Explore all possible methods, such as issuing an order to start operations in the oil refining sectorgoing to doHe said.

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