Addressing China-Russia Relations Injecting More Stability into the World── Written on the Occasion of President Xi Jinping’s Upcoming State Visit to Russia_China Social Platforms Article

Photo: On March 16, the China-Europe Railway Express with auto parts, building materials, household appliances and other goods departed from Beijing Pinggu Mafang Station. This is the first China-Europe Railway Express from the Beijing area. It will leave the country via Manzhouli Railway Port and go directly to the capital of Russia.Moscow, the whole trip is about 9,000 kilometers, and is expected to arrive in about 18 days.

[Ta Kung Pao News]On March 17, Xinhua News Agency published an article titled “Directing China-Russia Relations and Injecting More Stability into the World – Written on the Occasion of President Xi Jinping’s State Visit to Russia”. The full text is as follows:

The Ural Mountains stand majestically, the Volga River meanders on, and the vast land of Russia will once again welcome distinguished Chinese guests. At the invitation of President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation, President Xi Jinping will visit Russia between 20 and 22 March.

This is President Xi Jinping’s first foreign visit since he was re-elected as the country’s president. It is a journey of friendship, cooperation and peace. Strategic coordination and practical cooperation in different fields have given a strong boost to maintaining peace, security, development and prosperity, and jointly building a community with a shared future for mankind.

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