ADHD What did you notice? Is there a way to fix my child’s ADHD?

ADHD How do parents spot symptoms? What causes ADHD? So is there a solution?

With the rapid social and technological conditions, many peopleADHD This is not just for adults or teenagers. But this condition can also occur in children. But there will be a way to observeSymptoms of ADHDhow, and if our children are in theADHDCan it be fixed? Piggy dot com will take you to find the answer.

What is ADHD?

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder common in early childhood. This usually happens before the age of 7, preventing children from responding to what adults say. From movement, speech, to attention, in other words, the inability to remain still or follow orders. They are considered stubborn, undisciplined, unwilling to listen to their parents.

What are the signs of ADHD?

That said, it is normal for children to have difficulty paying attention, staying still, listening to instructions or following directions. but for ADHD These will increase exponentially. more stubborn and more frequent The signs of ADHD in children are as follows:

  • inability to concentrate for a long time; easily distracted
  • Not being careful, making mistakes, for example, when studying, maybe forgetting to do homework. or often lose things
  • inability to stick to studies or boring or laborious tasks
  • inability to listen or obey instructions
  • Change your current activity frequently and continuously.
  • I can’t organize my work or study.
  • inability to sit still, especially in a quiet place
  • restless
  • not focusing on getting things done
  • Can’t wait in line
  • Doing things without thinking
  • intervene
  • no sense of danger

These symptoms can cause major problems in a child’s life, such as not completing school. Poor social interaction with other children and adults and discipline problems, for example.


What causes attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is caused by many reasons. But what is interesting is that it is hereditary. Many children with ADHD have a parent or relative with ADHD. And there will be more risk if they are premature children. becoming toxic from the environment ADHD is not caused by too much screen time or bad parenting. Parents, don’t blame yourself.

How to cure a child’s attention deficit what can I do

Although ADHD is not caused by bad parenting. But there are effective parenting strategies that can tackle these behavioral problems. Because children with ADHD need consistency. communicate clearly and reward a child well when he obeys the command. They also need a lot of love, support and encouragement. Here are some ways parents can help.

  • Arrange a table for your child in proportion. Help your child stay focused and organized by making daily routines. Simplify your child’s activity schedule. and try to keep him busy with healthy activities.
  • set clear rules by having to explain what he will get if he disobeys the order And what will you get if you obey? Also, don’t forget to reward him every time you tell him.
  • Promote exercise and sleep Exercise improves concentration and promotes brain growth. Importantly, it also makes children with ADHD sleep better. This will help reduce ADHD symptoms.
  • Make time to eat healthy food. By scheduling healthy meals or snacks for your child every 3 hours and reducing junk food. including sugary foods
  • Teach your children good interaction, for example by helping them become better listeners. Learn to read people’s faces and body language. and interact with others more smoothly

Don’t get angry or upset about your child’s ADHD symptoms. But parents have to be patient and understand them a lot and this disease will eventually get better.

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