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adidas has released the home and away shirts for Argentina, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Spain and Belgium, which will be used at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The national team kit is a canvas for creativity. It is also an opportunity to convey the spirit of each nation that takes part in the competition. This year, each shirt design is inspired by valuable cultures, including ancient civilizations and Mixtec art from Mexico. They are decorated on the away shirt. or the art of folding paper “origami” (origami) an image of gamma emblazoned on the home shirt of the Japanese national team is conveyed through the selection of colors that represent the national identity Combined with graphics progressive

Jürgen Rank, adidas senior design director, said: “Every time we design our national team kits for a major tournament like the FIFA World Cup, we remember. These shirt designs are sure to go down in football history, so the most important aspect of designing a world class footballers kit has to focus on performance. so that they can realize their full potential during the competition. while the design has to stand out. unique, memorable And it’s beautiful and impressive. It can also get football fans around the world excited.”

Performance and sustainability are top priorities for adidas. The design of the racing suit shows creativity and simplicity. With a slim fit design, every footballer can be himself in the best possible way while on the pitch.

All national team kits are made with 100% recycled polyester to build on adidas’ commitment to contributing to plastic waste. The Authentic kits for the football teams of Argentina, Germany, Japan, Mexico and Spain are breathable. and made with Parley Ocean Plastic materials sourced from islands, beaches and coastal communities. to prevent up to 50% of ocean pollution

apart from this adidas has also used some of the most innovative fabrics in every shirt: HEAT.RDY technology to help keep footballers cool and comfortable. Heat is also used to keep the shirt light.

For the design of each national team kit, the details are as follows.

Argentina national team

Argentina national team away shirt Inspired by national pride and the pursuit of equality on the planet. using purple to represent gender equality. Combined with the May Sun flame pattern from the national flag.

German National Team

German national team home shirt A gold stamp is placed on the center of the chest. which has placed a black stripe in the middle of the shirt Inspired by the first national team kit which elevates simple aesthetics to a whole new level. The neck and sides of the shirt are decorated with the colors of the German flag. The away shirt conveys the spirit of the team with the colors of the national flag and is decorated with the letter D, which stands for “Deutschland” represents the dynamic style of football of this national team.

Japan national team

The Japanese national team’s home shirt expresses itself through a three-legged origami pattern. The away shirt is designed to showcase the dynamic playing style of the Japanese national team. It is decorated with origami graphics that clearly show the speed.

mexico national team

Mexico National Away Jersey Influenced by ancient civilizations Mixtec art is used to showcase the fighting spirit of the team. A Quetzalcoat snake is also attached to the collar. To show the power of humanity as well.

the Spanish national team

Spain national team home shirt Designed from a unique football identity. It is a dark red color.
timeless prominence Embellished with colored stripes of the Spanish flag on the collar and side of the body. The away shirt has a motif inspired by the 1982 national team logo, when Spain hosted the World Cup that year.

Belgian national team

Belgium national team home shirt The main color is red and the details are decorated. on the shirt in black and yellow to represent the colors of the Belgian flag Both sleeves are decorated with flame motifs that portray the demons and terrorize their opponents when playing against the Belgian national team.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 national team collection is now available at adidas Brand Center, adidas Sports Performance, adidas app, adidas app. Online Shop Ari Football Super Sports and leading sports equipment stores nationwide The shirts are sold in all 6 teams, namely Argentina, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Spain and Belgium, available in Replica and Authentic models, priced at 2,900 baht and 4,600 baht (respectively).

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