Administrative soldiers of the Gangwon Front Army take a 138-day vacation by fabricating documents… how about military discipline

A soldier on vacation passes by Seoul Station. The photo has nothing to do with the content of the article Yonhap News

The military authorities launched an investigation after suspicions surfaced that a soldier in charge of personnel affairs at an army unit in the front of Gangwon had given him vacation in an illegal way and evaded his service.

On the 8th, according to a post on the Facebook page ‘I will deliver on behalf of the army training center’ with a certain army unit and the Facebook page, Sergeant A is suspected of giving him 138 days of leave while in charge of the personnel affairs of the unit.

The informant revealed, “The vacations that Sergeant A did not actually receive are listed in the defense personnel information system, including compensation for GOP service that he has never been to, and a reward leave certificate written by himself.”

In response to these allegations, the unit said, “The military police are currently investigating the matter, and we plan to deal with those involved strictly according to the results.”

According to the informant, Sergeant A is said to be currently on leave for the last year. They informed the battalion commander of this in advance, but it was revealed that the unit was responding lukewarmly, such as not returning Sergeant A.



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