Adolf Hitler and many theories claiming that he did not die in the Second World War.

Although the Allies confirmed the death of Adolf Hitler, the world famous dictator. But there are many conspiracy theories surrounding his death.

Adolf Hitler was recorded dead on April 30, 1945. Reports say he committed suicide along with his wife Eva Brown in a bunker in Berlin. Germany to escape slavery and the punishment of war

Adolf Hitler’s death has been questioned ever since. The Nazis claimed that the eagle’s nest had been burnt down. The bodies of Hitler and his wife were not immediately found. by many parties who believe that Hitler is not dead because it is a one sided Nazi statement There is no evidence like pictures to go with it. The Soviets initially confirmed that neither Hitler nor Brown’s bodies had been found. But after a few days the Soviets confirmed the identity of one of the remains of the surrounding area as Hitler.

Later, the mystery of Hitler’s death which led to the defeat of the Nazis in the First World War was not over. The United States and Britain did not find Hitler’s lifeless body, according to German soldiers. The Nazi leaders used bombs to destroy Hitler’s body so that it would not be destroyed by the enemy. Therefore, the American and British sides still had many doubts about the death of the Nazi leader. Especially the surrender that was too easy. or using guns to shoot themselves In contrast, many Nazi leaders took their own lives using cyanide capsules. That seemed less painful than shooting yourself in the head. (Some reports say that Hitler swallowed a capsule containing cyanide in a bunker about 50 feet underground before shooting himself repeatedly with a gun. to ensure that no one helping would meet him until he survived )

In 2005, MI5, the British security service, revealed that the Soviets had provided false information on April 30, 1945, about the death and discovery of Hitler’s body. They kept the body of the Nazi leader. But whoever wants to experience it has to travel to Moscow. That there is no evidence to confirm that the figure that Russia claims to be Adolf Hitler is true or not?

In 2018, experts from the Center of Anthropology and Medicine in France retrieved a tooth fragment from a body that Russia claimed was Hitler for analysis. and confirmed the information that Hitler was a vegetarian Including actually killing himself by shooting himself in the left temple in 1945. Still, this does not dispel the doubts of many who have different assumptions about the death of the Nazi leader. This is partly due to a lack of trust in occasionally distorted information from Russia.

Another piece of conflicting information is that in 1972 the Soviets released the autopsy results of a black body found in Berlin. Ready to confirm that he is the real Hitler, but in 2009, American researchers have analyzed DNA from the skull of the same body. and it revealed that this skull was not Hitler’s. It belongs to women who died under the age of 40.

The conspiracy theory that Hitler did not die at the end of the world war was added to the imagination later, but there are 3 interesting points. which is often mentioned as follows

1. Hitler fled to Argentina.

In mid-June 1945, there were reports of sightings. Hitler and Eva Braun survived and fled to Argentina. This theory is considered the most plausible. Because many Nazi soldiers had fled the country at the end of the First World War he took refuge in Argentina. According to local media reports, rubber boats and submarines were seen in the area on July 16, 1945, coinciding with the Chicago Times publication of an article about Hitler’s silent escape on a submarine to South America.

As well as rumors that Hitler survived and is hiding in Argentina. (Some state that Spain) also reports that. Many high-ranking Nazi officials fled and gathered there. Along with carrying treasures with a huge amount of value and Hitler has lived in hiding until he died in South America. with the help of the Nazi network

However, there are rumors on the other side that Enraged by the Nazi genocide of the Jews in the Second World War, Israel ordered Mossad, Israel’s National Intelligence Service, to send assassins to hunt down and kill all the Nazis who hiding in Argentina and other countries in South America It is possible that Hitler actually fled to South America. He may also be killed by the Mossad. Including another idea that was used to create a movie. Holocaust survivors form an underground spy organization to restore justice. By hunting down the Nazis who fled to hide in Spain after the Second World War.


2. Hitler hid in a secret Nazi base.

Hitler’s Easy Surrender and the Nazi Army This led to another conspiracy theory: Hitler survived a hunt by Allied troops in Europe. and escape to set up a military base and hide somewhere along with a number of Nazi leaders and soldiers To wait for the day to restore the Third Reich The body Russia claims to have found is a fake Hitler who was staged to die instead of the conductor.

This idea is somewhat surreal with the rumors that the Nazis have secret military bases in Antarctica, with Hitler taking refuge in a secret base under the ice. historians refer to the area as Queen Maud’s Land Going beyond another crazy idea like Hitler took their forces to flee to build a base on the moon. where they live in the dark zone Waiting for the time to take revenge And this idea was made into a film called Iron Sky.

For this idea, there is support from the technology and technology that was quite advanced by the Nazis during the Second World War. The Allies believed that, apart from tanks and submarines, the Nazis might have hidden weapons. But it was not used in the Second World War. Some United States media believe that the mysterious flying saucer that landed in the United States Roswell City on July 4, 1947, shortly after the Second World War ended, is not an alien flying saucer. But the spaceship’s first encounter with the outside world has been linked by some media as the Nazi group’s long space

3. Hitler reverts to his youth and hides in the world.

Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, and the date of his death was April 30, 1945, aged 56. until the goal of having a Thule Society A Society that brought together leading members of the German Nazi Party. to perform a mission to honor the Aryan race by performing various rituals

So it is possible that Adolf Hitler was obsessed with superstition and science. to give himself a longer life Be it an elixir that makes him back to youth, an immortal pill that keeps him from aging, and transfer his own body to escape the disease. Parkinson’s disease panic

Unbelievable that the transfer of Hitler’s body is the most talked about thing. Be it through soul transplant, brain transplant or face resurfacing. (This is the closest to the truth.) With the talk of a secret experiment by the Nazis on human beings in a concentration camp that the Allies believed was built for the genocide of the Jews. that it was a project that would be used against Hitler and the Nazi leaders to flee if they lost the war Because after the Second World War, the Allied Powers found many records of Nazi doctors. So it is suspected that they have some kind of experimental project on the human body. Unable to prove exactly what the project is about.

In Jang Yong Min’s novel, a green writer from South Korea brought this conspiracy theory into a detective novel called Even if I change a hundred faces, I will be able to kill you. Tells the story of Hitler who has had a brain transplant and memories into the body of a young boy. before he escaped to live in the United States But he was hunted by Jewish spies who wanted to kill the Nazi leader.

Another theory that seems somewhat plausible is related to the secret Nazi base in Antarctica: maybe Hitler really is dead. But his body was frozen for the day when the Nazi Party or its surviving followers would resurrect him.

Also, it must be said that all the ideas above are just conspiracy theories, there is no concrete evidence to prove that Adolf Hitler survived the Second World War and/or that he is still alive. but unclear information Including the Allied conflict itself, there is a gap that makes many people notice the mystery of the death of a dictator like Adolf Hitler to this day.

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