Adopting a mother of 28 children: The story of Anna Fortuna – Free Europe

Ana Furtuna from the Moldavian city of Drochia has been taking in orphans and abandoned children for 30 years.
“My husband came from a family with many children, and I told myself that I would do anything, even if God did not give me children of his own,” says Ana.

After one visit to an orphanage, she and her husband brought home the first seven children. Vladimir Kondurari, who is 38 years old today, is one of the first to find a new home with Ana. “I really wanted to have parents while I was living in the shelter and then the sun came up one day and mom and dad came in,” Vladimir recalls.

“I had a shoulder to cry on and someone to share my successes with,” says Tatiana, who has raised Anna since she was seven.

Today her house is full of children and grandchildren. “My relatives said – you don’t have children, live your life. But I want to live for my children,” Ana Fortuna shares her life philosophy.


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