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Adores in front of Akihabara station will also close

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The Adores Akihabara store (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), an amusement facility that was popular in front of Akihabara station, with advertisements for popular anime on the outer wall of the building, is scheduled to close soon.

In the prime areas around the station, large stores are closing one after another, probably due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and there are voices of loneliness on Twitter.

  • Adores Akihabara store with an advertisement for anime (Photo provided by Tsurumi Robo @kaztsu)

  • “Notice of closure” posted on the store front (Photo provided by Tsurumi Robo @kaztsu)

  • Adores Akihabara store with an advertisement for anime (Photo provided by Tsurumi Robo @kaztsu)

Large stores such as Sega and Tsukumo will close at the end of August

“Our store will be closed on the following dates due to various circumstances.”

Tsurumi Robo (@kaztsu), who is disseminating information about Akihabara, posted a photo on Twitter on October 27, 2020, saying that such a sticker was posted at the Adores Akihabara store. As of the 28th, about 5,000 retweets have been retweeted and it has become a hot topic.

According to a sticker titled “Notice of Closing”, the karaoke facilities on the 3rd to 10th floors will be closed on the 20th, and the other karaoke floors on the 6th floor and above will be closed on the 31st. In addition, the 1st and 2nd floors of the prize game specialty floors such as UFO Catcher will also close on November 8. However, the adjacent second store specializing in prize games will continue to operate.

Adores is a company under the umbrella of Wide Leisure (Fukuoka Prefecture), which operates amusement facilities such as “Rakuichi Rakuza,” and operates karaoke and arcades.

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Speaking of Akihabara station square, it was once known worldwide as an electric town, and after that, it was also called “Otaku’s Sanctuary” where many anime and game stores opened.

However, after being hit by the Corona disaster, the situation has changed, with large stores such as Sega Akihabara Building No. 2 and Tsukumo Akihabara Ekimae store under Yamada Denki closing at the end of August, and long-established restaurants and maid cafes also closing. ing.

An Adores representative told J-CAST News on October 28th:

“The number of foreigners has dropped to almost zero, but the number of Japanese customers is back.”

“I can’t tell you the details of the reason for closing the store, but the impact of Corona, such as the decrease in inbound demand, is not small.”

Regarding the closing of the store, on Twitter etc., there were a series of surprised voices, such as “I was shocked because I thought that it would not disappear …” Has been sent.

Regarding the area around Akihabara station, there are many voices of concern, saying, “The scenery has changed completely from a while ago,” “the town is lonely day by day,” and “there is no sign of the end of Corona, and I am worried about the future.” It was written.

The secretary-general of the Akihabara Shopping District Promotion Association told the interview on October 27th.

“I haven’t heard in detail why the store was closed, but it is assumed that nearly 5 million foreign tourists were visiting, but due to the influence of Corona, it is almost impossible to enter the country. However, sales are close to zero. However, there are many stores that are doing their best, and Japanese customers are back. Looking at the pedestrian paradise, half of the previous ones If you were a foreign tourist, maybe half of them are back. “

It is said that there are many stores that handle regional coupons distributed by the government’s GO TO travel campaign, and it is said that many customers come to travel from all over Japan and use coupons. In the future, he said that he is considering what he can do about the GO TO shopping district by receiving explanations based on the materials.

“Since there are few retail stores with plenty of space, there is a problem that it tends to be crowded. It seems that each store needs to devise measures. I do not know how the shopping district will change in the future. I think it depends on being able to provide services that meet the needs of our customers. “

(Hiroyuki Noguchi, J-CAST News Editorial Department)

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