Adrian Peterson or Mark Ingram?

Two of the best players who have ever participated in a football pitch with the free edition that continue to serve the Detroit Lens roster in 2019.

A free agency has some solid options running back, but many are not. These are slim pick for the Detroit Lens.

LaDainian Tomlinson and Terrell Davis have always had their ideas on LaDainian Tomlinson and Terrell Davis who are enjoying Detroit during a NFL Full Network segment. Both of them had high profile projections.

Starting with Tomlinson, he feels that Adrian Peterson, running back to the Washington Redskins last season, is the best of the Lions. Take it here by

"I could see that Adrian is going to Detroit. Mentoring that young kid [Kerryon Johnson] but also having the opportunity to continue doing it. "

On the other hand, Davis went in a different way. New York's former New Orleans Saints & Mark Ingram was a great addition to Motor City.

"[Ingram’s] I still received many programs on the basis, I think it's ideal for it. He wants more of the ball, I'm sure it is [Detroit] It could get more on that. "

In addition, Davis made a connection with the state looking for Ingram went to a high school in Michigan. I understand the Hall of Fame comments about the best option, but I am alongside Tomlinson.

For the fact, Peterson ranged at 1,046 yards, a 4.2-minute healthy bar against beam and scored seven bears at age 33. As a receiver, he tackled 20 catches for 208 yards and touchdown.

It's not that Davis is wrong every week, but I'm not so much Ingram. He granted average medium heavier more than 4.6, but his secret gardens had four camera suspensions confined to 647 and touchdowns to 6. Also active as a passport, building 21 balls, building up to 170 yards and touchdown construction

Both sides make sense, but Detroit has links to Detroit. His coach was Jeff Agson's aggressive line with the Viking Minnesota from 2011-2015. In addition, the new aggressive co-ordinator Darrell Bevell ranged from 2007-2010. This makes easier transfer.

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Ingram is younger but not so big. Its price tag will also be higher. In my opinion is one of many. You can not go right with either man.

Who do you agree with? Who do you think the Detroit Lens should choose? Please let us know in the traffic section below.

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