Adult action adventure “Nine Sons and Xiu La” Steam Store opens, 3D dynamic set full of benefits | 4 Gamers

The adult game “Nine Sons and Shura” co-produced by the four-panel manga creator “Fake Sounder” and the queer game team Mask “Eve Story: The Brave’s Training”, the Steam store has officially opened , and the game is expected to be released in 2024 Year listed.

“Nine Sons and Shura” is a spin-off story from the four-panel comic “Kent and Shura” by the creator of Bahamut’s expert column “Psyphonist”. , demihumans, lizards, goblins, etc., as well as diverse and highly intelligent species such as humans It is a civilized society that has developed significantly.

In this eastern country full of many dangers, two adventurers: Nine Sons and Xiu La, they accepted the trust of the Dragon City Adventurers Guild, and promised to clean up the dangers around the city and maintain the safety of the residents.

05-Jiuzi_CN character introduction 06-Character introduction of Xiu La_CN

The game “Nine Sons and Xiu La” is a martial arts style horizontal action game. While enjoying the gameplay of the battle, you can also enjoy a lot of harsh picture feelings at any time. Nine Sons and Xiu La were injured in the middle of the battle, and their uniforms were also damaged.

In addition to the shots of the defeated H in the battle scene, various 3D dynamic H shots will be triggered in events and plots as the adventure progresses (note NSFW).


04-Tentacles Capture-Occlusion

11-Event-H Dynamic Performance-02-Occlusion08-Battle screen-Dynamic performance H-01-Mosaic

Since the game’s multi-screen screen includes 3D, and the levels are still in the early design stage, the game “Nine Sons and Xiu La” is expected to be launched in 2024. Interested men may wish to join the wishlist and pay attention


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