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Have you ever read an adult version of Grimm’s Fairy Tales? The adults here are not referring to the scary ones, but the obscene ones. Let’s check out this adult fairy tale “Sakura Realm Story” available exclusively on EROLABS.

This brand new fairy tale mobile game combines myths, fairy tales and legends from around the world to create a “gentleman version” fairy tale game. This time we are not going to save Little Red Riding Hood, but to have a bad time with Little Red Riding Hood, and by the way, we will also capture her pet Big Bad Wolf. Now let’s use a simple demo to see if this gentleman’s fairy tale game is really fun.

The story “Sakura Land Story” is a typical fantasy work in another world. The story says that humans in ancient times successfully sealed away the fallen angels who threatened humans with the help of gods. However, in recent years, the sealing magic power has gradually improved and awakened. The affected monsters are moving around, and among them, Cinderella, the queen of the “Northern Kingdom”, has accidentally summoned a man who claimed to be the “Devil King” and made a secret agreement with him.

And you will play the role of this invincible demon king, subjugating these beautiful women from fairy tales around the world with your lustful power.



As for the main gameplay of the game, it is a typical real-time RPG. The game has designed a variety of levels such as the main line, challenges, and advent. Players can let five heroes fight together according to their attributes and fighting power.


The battle of the game will be held automatically. The method is to let the characters fight the monsters with the Q version of the 3D module. Although the battle is automatic, players can also use the active skills of each hero through the energy accumulated in the battle. It is worth noting that, in addition to various features, there is also a system called “pursuit” in the game.

The way this system is used is quite special. First you must use the activation skills of each feature to make the opponent fall into an abnormal state, and then use the finishing skills to cause additional additional damage.

This damage is even stronger than the damage of a pure SSR character skill, so sometimes it is the right choice to sacrifice a seat and put in a character responsible for activation. By the way, powerful skills can directly interfere with the opponent’s chanting, so there is no need to directly release the move as soon as the energy accumulates, and waiting for a while is also a tactic.




Being a gentleman’s game, the most attractive part is of course the number of heroines. The characters in the game are all characters from a specific fairy tale or legend, from the heroine Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy, Medusa, and even the magical Aladdin, these familiar fairy tale characters, and will appear as a beautiful girl in this work, and will be the beauty of your harem, Lord Demon King.




When you draw these characters in the game, you can build up their levels, skills, equipment and ranks. Each character has a different setting. For example, Cinderella is a standard healer, and Lupu Xi is a bloody melee character . There will also be “bonds” between some characters that can increase abilities.

Of course, there are also star upgrades and advanced designs that are common in Japanese games. It can be said that the design of this part is quite intuitive, and most players who have played Japanese mobile games should be able to get started quickly.


By the way, if you successfully strip the character in the development part, the stripped character will also appear when you cast skills in battle… This design should be praised.


And of course, it’s not as simple as just drawing the character. If you want to trigger the H event, you can also enter the “contract” and use the special currency “CP” to get puzzles related to the character’s H event. Each character has 25 puzzles. The conditions and difficulty of getting the puzzles are different. Usually, as long as you can fill in how favorable the character is and draw the card pack by using CP, you can have a complete puzzle. Trigger the H event.


But it’s not over yet! If you just finished watching the H event, it would be blank, right?

The game also combines the popular training method (touch). H events all have exquisite Live2D characters. You can increase intimacy by touching the erogenous zones of these heroines, and by continuous touching, you can also accumulate orgasm points and trigger the orgasm time that can be touched.

As long as the peak time can be stimulated repeatedly to fill the intimacy, event H can be officially initiated. This process usually doesn’t take long, and players should be able to fill a character’s intimacy within a day or two of completing the puzzle to be satisfied.



But I think some players might say that it takes a long time to develop a character to favorable 10, is it true that you can’t see the H event apart from this? This is wrong. Although it takes some time to develop a character, the game also prepares the additional H event “Peachy Secret Story” for players who focus on the main line and activities.


The peach secret is a type of H event located between levels, almost every subsection has one. When the player clears all the levels in a section, they can get the “Orbs of Desire” in the treasure chest, and use these orbs to unlock the peach secrets of the level.

In addition to the simple unlocking conditions of these secret words, the biggest feature is that you do not need to acquire characters in advance, and you can see their H events directly from here. And the specifications of these H events are exactly the same as those of favorability, and they also have Live2D luxury configuration and full Japanese voice. Some 3P events or special gameplay can only be seen here, and the functionality and number of HCG are completely reliable.


In summary, EROLABS’ “Sakura Story” is indeed a masterpiece of a very sincere Japanese gentleman. As for the chromaticity performance of the two-dimensional, it can be considered an outstanding work today, and it is definitely worth your free prostitution… Ah no, this is the experience.

At the moment “Sakura Land Story” has been officially launched on EROLABS, interested men may wish to go and see your fairy tale girl!

EROLABS “Sakurai Monogatari” Official Site.


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