Adult survival shooter “SCUM” released a super sexy promo video, 0.75 update female character mods | 4 Gamers

The survival game “SCUM” with a prison island background and a hyper-realistic human metabolic system released a promotional video for the version 0.75 update today (20). This minute and a half video doesn’t say anything, only at the end 10 seconds to tell players that the female character mods in the game will get an update.

In 2019, “SCUM” used a nasty promotional video to introduce female characters in the game, which added many topics to the prison island survival at the time. After all, players can easily create various NSFW game and screenshots in the game. , these are revealed by the male characters of this work, just like Tintin, not hidden.

In version 0.75, Gamepires has improved many mods and animations for female characters, including walking and standing, and there are more options for adjusting the corners.

In addition, if players are not satisfied with the appearance of their current female characters, they can also go to the outpost to find a plastic surgeon for free for a plastic surgery opportunity to change the look.




In addition to the female character update, this revision has optimized and updated the city of Samobor, but temporarily, some areas will be inaccessible, and will only be opened after the completion of future updates.

“SCUM” has had a stable number of players since it was launched in early access in 2018. The number of concurrent online players must have rebounded to 30,468 in March this year, showing that this game is focused on the realistic open world survival game of community support level.

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