Adva Al Arefi is Saudi Arabia’s new Minister of State for Sports

Adva Al Arefi is Saudi Arabia’s new Minister of State for Sports

Riyadh: Adva Al Arefi has been appointed as the new Minister of State for Sports in Saudi Arabia. Amir Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Faisal, Minister of Sports appointed Adva Al Arefi as Minister of State. The appointment was last Thursday. Adva Al Arefi thanked the Sports Minister for the trust placed in him.

Adva Al Arefi is a member of the Saudi Olympic Council, Football Federation and Undersecretary for Planning and Development in the Ministry of Sports.

She graduated in business administration from Al-Yamamah University in Riyadh in 2011 and is a person who has had a major impact in the development of women’s sports in the country.

Al Arefi will join the Ministry of Sports as Investment Director in 2019. The Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee then nominated them as members of the Olympic Council.

Adva, who was working as a member of the Social Responsibility Committee of the Saudi Football Federation, was later elected as the chairman of the committee. She is the first woman to hold this position.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has been able to make great strides in the field of sports recently. At the World Cup in Qatar, which ended this month, Saudi Arabia grabbed the spotlight after beating tournament champions Argentina in the group stage.


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