Advertising media industry ‘volatile’ July, another wave of “negative” cash flows

August 14, 2021 | By Sawitree Rinwong


Brands come back to slow down the spending of advertising money again. After the number of people infected with Covid soared Government breaks down measures to “lock down” to brake businesses, think carefully about marketing campaigns, affecting advertising budget “Negative” July

Since the COVID-19 crisis happen on earth became an important variable of the situation. “Uncertainty” is all around everyone. because when the number of people infected with the virus The number of patients increased or decreased. They all affect life plans. business operations including government policies

The business dimension is yet another challenging year for people working in all sectors. The work plan has “postponed-forward-stop” alternating changes on an annual, monthly, daily basis. work review would affect the whole chain In particular, the brake of spending money for marketing communication campaigns. “Media Industry” Get full impact

In 2021, the overall picture still sees the ad spending spread and expanding in “Positive Dan” Give the media industry some relief. But the overall figure of the value of the industry Usually it’s a full price that has not been traded. “minus discount” or give away free at the back of the house Nielsen July Advertising Industry Overview Report “minus 4% Compared to the same period last year

Considering the overall situation The dark red area faces “lockdown” measures, causing transactions, trade activities to break! Not only, among the number of patients surpassed the main “Ten thousand people a day” Certainly no brand and service would want to do marketing communication campaigns and cram advertising money because the return on “sales” might not be worth the money that went down.

In July, ad spending returned. “shrink” again, reflect “Volatility” Customer kicks the brakes Gearing up to spend money on marketing communications according to the rhythm of the situation continuously Open the year of the advertising industry “negative” to welcome the new era. And growing back and forth. In this situation, the “media” must strategize. Organize your content well to extract money from customers

Monthly income has contracted, but overall the first 7 months Nielsen The ad industry is still “growth 6%” compared to the same period last year. with a total value of 62,224 million baht TV mediastill holds the highest proportion of advertising spending at 60%, categorized by media TV revenue: 37,317 million baht, a growth of 8%, Internet 13.3 billion baht, a growth of 16%, out-of-home media 5,743 million baht, a contraction of 7%, radio 1,858 million baht, a contraction of 10%, media in cinemas of 1,809 million baht, a contraction of 7%, print media 1,807 million baht. baht contracted 13% and in-store media 391 million baht, an increase of 11%.

Let’s look at the products and services that are still willing to market and willing to spend money to drive business. The economy is still in the category of products necessary for the lives of all people as follows: food and beverages worth 10,667 million baht, an increase of 24%; Personal cosmetics 8,912 million baht, an increase of 12%, and the Media & Marketing group, mainly from direct sales business, 7,721 million baht, an increase of 7%.

As for the group that still slows down spending on advertising, such as the automotive group worth 3,447 million baht, a decrease of 3%, the government 1,465, a decrease of 32%, tourism 582, a decrease of 60%, and the entertainment industry of 106 million baht, a decrease of 66%.

The top three companies with the highest spending on advertising spending are still the biggest players in global consumer goods, whether Unilever (Thai) Holdings Value 3,126 million baht, an increase of 48% from the same period last year. Nestle (Thai) worth 1,746 million baht, an increase of 31%, and Procter & Gamble or P&G, worth 1,370 million baht, an increase of 18% compared to the same period last year.


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