advise the state to bear the burden If the minimum wage actually increases | Economic Insight 30 May ’23

Kasikorn Research Center Estimated private labor costs In the income group below 10,000 baht per month will increase by 16 percent, agricultural business, accommodation and food service, construction, other services including private household work will be affected more It would recommend the government to accelerating the development of labor productivity to be continuously beneficial. But if the government really wants to push for the minimum wage it should come and help cover the cost too #newgovernment #increase in wages #minimum wage #labour #quality of labor #Burden of Expenses #Pita #Moving far #Antweerat #Antnn16 Insight economy #Ann #Lek Monchai #Lek tnn16 #Lek Monchai Tnn16 #economic insight Channel to follow TNN channel 16 news station https://www https://www.facebook .com/TNNthailand/ /tnn_online/ Line @TNNONLINE or click Catch up with the world, keep up with the economy, keep up with’ the truth with TNN Channel 16, a news station that adheres to the principle of presenting news to the point, quickly, accurately, accurately and impartially by a professional news team.


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