“Ae Atchara” suffers from many diseases Kidney Failure-Acute Heart I’m so depressed that I don’t want to wake up!

Chakrawong Wong’s heroine “Ae Atchara Thongthep” opened her heart for the first time after suffering from leukemia. Tortured until he didn’t want to wake up. Most recently, he miraculously survived an acute heart attack. and acute renal failure Severe symptoms to the point of blindness and what makes him able to return to a normal life through the program “Khai Zap Show” on Channel One 31 which has Pornchita Benz a Boom Supaporn Be a program host

“Ae Atchara” suffers from many diseases Kidney Failure-Acute Heart I’m so depressed that I don’t want to wake up!

I heard the news that Pee Ae is sick. What diseases did you get back?
Eh: Starting from SLE, as far as we know, we cannot find the cause. But it is a disease that can affect every part of the body. Then it’s up to the brain. Cause the cerebral arteries to constrict, dissect the brain, and then come to the heart. causes an acute heart attack We have to put a stent on the heart. The latest is the kidney.

When did P’Ae know it was SLE?
Ae: At that time, when I did many photo shoots in Pratunam, it was over 20 years ago. At that time, I started getting butterfly wings and rashes. At first I thought I was allergic to the sun But when it got heavier, joint pain started, the joints started to swell, he started to investigate the cause in detail until it was found to be SLE, which at the time he didn’t know what SLE was, but knew his be a bush disease. autoimmune

What do we need to take care of ourselves then?
Ae: At that time, it wasn’t scary, just knowing it was a rash. But for a long time, it affects the kidneys. To the brain, why can’t we turn around? Why does blood come out of the ear? Why does nose bleed all the time? Why are joints swollen?

Can’t we take medicine? How to reduce the landscape?
E: No, this disease cannot be cured. But Mara can do it peacefully. Therefore, we must take great care of ourselves to keep the disease at bay.

During the time when I knew I was Until it starts to spread to other places, how long does it take? How do we take care of it?
Ae: Take care of all that But as it was during our time, we earn a lot of money. Anything that’s money to do, sleep less, sleep in a van. When it’s time to go on stage, we go on stage It’s about 2-3 o’clock in the morning At 7 o’clock in the morning, we have an appointment for the play set. Evening, catwalk, model walk, photo shoot, very little care.

Then other symptoms start knowing it’s SLE. When it starts going to the heart, brain, kidneys, how many years?
Ae: When it is a lot we have to give blood The white blood cells cannot remember the red blood cells. They will eat When they eat, we have to give a lot of blood Pathogens can hide in the blood stimulate cancer. Everyone has cancer. And by chance, Jack Port to meet germs that are hidden infections it stimulates cancer to turn into white blood cell cancer in the treatment of cancer It’s up to the brain Causing the blood vessels in the brain stem constriction, unable to turn, noses constantly bleeding At first, I understood that I fall on a pillow and my neck hurts until 1-2 days later my nose bleeds more. There was bleeding from the ear, so I went to look at it. The doctor said it was caused by SLE, so I had laser surgery on my brain. and then platelets are low It eats platelets After we treat cancer, we have to give medicine, give blood, do chemo, something like this happens. When he lost, he donated blood cells. become a blood eater When our blood cells are low Normally people have blood cells. 150,000-450,000 But my brother left about 9,000, so he had to have his splenectomy. Cut the fill gauge over

Did the doctor tell you why you broke it?
Ae: Take it out so that our platelets are stable. I don’t even know what the system is like. But the doctor said this was a last resort.

2 years ago, there was another complication, kidney failure?
Eh: Acute kidney failure with acute heart attack at the same time I had a fever, nothing at all Went to the bathroom at 3 am, fell down. After that, I regained consciousness .At the hospital, they pumped the heart and injected stimulants to regain consciousness. Then they did a stent. After that, I moved to the Kidney Institute. In order to restore the kidneys, let the kidneys work. At that time, the swelling was 78 kilos. He did not expel, Wherever the body had holes, there would be tubes except the ears. The parts that do not have pipes are drilled. Giving food through the dialysis line, stimulating the kidneys, there will be a period of returning home. When going out, many people ask, are you pregnant?

How long does it take to treat kidney failure and heart failure?
Ae: August 19, ’64 until the beginning of November, 3 months in bed, without going anywhere. Use pampers as a toilet

While awake in hospital What is the first thing that comes to mind?
Ae: I don’t know when I felt myself. But during the control of consciousness The first thing I saw was the child, who was not there that day. it is in New Zealand but the image it appears we open our eyes to it I remember myself. The first image I saw was the child. At the time, she knew Junior will be with you almost 24 hours a day, and a back-up phone will be set up for him to see. When I don’t turn around or stay in that position for a long time He will call a friend who is watching to help him take care of his mother.

When you slept for over 3 months, what were you thinking, how did you get through there?
Ae: Encouragement from people around you is important. But your own strength is the most important thing. For the reason that we have children too And we have older mothers too. and you don’t feel well is Alzheimer’s It’s also a stroke There’s anxiety there too. feel we are born to use karma Do we think so? Everyone is not perfect, everyone suffers. It depends on how we manage our suffering. With disease, with whatever, I should have left this world first. So, I have preparations every time, every time I think, and it is ready. In addition, there is no debt, the child has already grown up, but with the karmic agenda, we cannot choose to go. So while you’re here, do whatever you can to make yourself smile as much as possible. laugh the most Improve the happiness of those around you as much as possible.

Are you updating a little among all the diseases?
Ae: kidneys, heart, diabetes, blood pressure

How many wires are there in the heart?
Eh: 2 lines. If there is another line, the doctor said it would have to be cut. As for the kidneys, they are now taking medication. Leukemia takes birth control pills. Diabetes takes medicine.

What makes you smile, talk, act like I don’t have any disease?
Ae : Accept the truth, let go, control the truth. get to know him manage suffering then be happy In the past, I was impatient and I didn’t give in to anyone. Now there is a feeling that he belongs to him like that. we let it go

How do you need to look after yourself today? Has the idea changed from its original origins?
Ae: You have to take care of yourself often. Some days you will see your brother like this You will probably wake up with a swollen face. If you lie on your pillow and your face swells, it will half moon You have to look after yourself a lot here. 1. Take medicine on time 2. Exercise as much as you can. enough to relax Don’t stress, know how to let go.

Still have to manage SLE, right?
Ae: Yes, this one is important. still have to take steroids Periodic chemotherapy must be given.

Another thing P’Ae What do you want to do now is wear a swimsuit?
Eh: No, don’t let it open. Surgical wounds are sheets in Thailand.

Pee Ae seriously ill to the point of being blind?
Ae: It appears in the eye, it also has sugar. When SLE comes, I don’t know what the germ system is. It started with swollen eyes, a moment later the nose and mouth began to swell, and the eyes and nose began to swell. His eyes will not be able to see, he will slowly become blind without his wounds We know the old Petch, we don’t know at all if we meet him. They look at each other like this, but in reality they don’t see it. Me too I can’t see anything, everything is dark, that’s why I can’t get over it. And can we see the child? completely invisible

Is it a 6 hour and a half day or is it a day like that?
Eh: When it was swollen, I still didn’t think much of it. But when I started to realize that I couldn’t see I went to the doctor quickly

How does the doctor treat it?
Ae : He injected the drug into the eye. as in the lack of oxygen in the eye Everything sped up to stimulate the eyes. When it did, we felt it, but it was anesthetized as an operation. My heart balloon was not anaesthetized.
Just block the back Just know that the process is like this

After injecting it, it got better. Or does it take time?
Ae: No, almost a month.

that could not be seen for almost a month What did you do then?
Ae: I have a nanny, I have a friend who looks after me. and then call and talk to the child, talk to the mother, the mother comes to visit and care Very close to the doctor Because I’m very afraid of blindness

This one feels the worst?
Ae: Yes, because of the splenectomy, we couldn’t see anything. it’s inside But we get to see the beauty of this world, We use our eyes, we use our sight. I think looks are important. He doesn’t see anything and is a burden on others.

The doctor said it would come back to the same thing for sure. Or do we think it’s unlikely?
Eh: The doctor said he was coming back to see. But 100% is not the same, just take it easy. If you are lucky, you are not stubborn, the doctor gives you medicine on time, it will get better.

Do you think secretly in case you can’t see forever?
Ae: I’ve never been discouraged, I don’t think too much, I’m a positive person. At some point, I feel that nothing is as important as being healthy. If you become blind one day, you would rather die, if you were blind, you would no longer be able to see the beauty of this world. They can only touch and hold and they don’t know what it is Apart from tasting or asking other people, it’s not me.

Is this the reason you used to think you wouldn’t be in this world?
Ae: Every time we pay homage to the image of the Buddha, our truth is that we will wake up perfect tomorrow. But when it comes to the eyes, I feel that I pay respect to the monks every time. I have to say I won’t wake up tomorrow. If I still have virtue Don’t torture me again I’ve given up My son has grown up, it’s torture not to see.

then the point of return I’m going to fight and what is it?
Ae: Maybe it’s because of the child’s story. for your mother too if we have to be weak It knocks us down. Then we come to bed. Are we a burden to others? No, I’m not crying. But never cry for anyone to see

I saw that it was because of my daughter’s words that made me wait too. What is that saying?
Ae: I can’t live without my mother. Mother must take care of herself. A mother must be strong How will I live without my mother?

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