aespa and BoA revitalize old song “Dreams Come True” 2021 era

aespa (espa) presenting hit songs “Dreams Come True” of the band S.E.S. (S.E.S.) Newly released in its own version through Remastering Project

for project Remastering Project that SM operates with YouTube The various music videos and songs by legendary artists that SM has produced and presented over the past 20 years will be upscaled and remastered. to suit digital platforms The songs related to the project will be released through SM STATION.

The song “Dreams Come True” this time is part of the Remastering Project by bringing the title song “Dreams Come True” from the 2nd full album of S.E.S. Released in 1998, reinterpreted as the aespa version with the power of youth. and hip-hop mood in aespa style

important Good (Boa) known as “Star of Asia” and is a senior in the music industry with many hits. Create outstanding stats They are also seniors in the same camp. and participated in every production, including the song, choreography and visuals, further enhancing the perfection of this song. In addition, the music video for the song “Dreams Come True” Also pays homage to the original music video. by maintaining a mysterious atmosphere like a dream Along with reflecting the futuristic concept of aespa.

in addition “Dreams Come True” version aespa (espa) is a pre-release song that will be included in the SMTOWN winter album titled 2021 Winter SMTOWN : SMCU EXPRESS Which is one of the projects SMTOWN 2022 : SMCU EXPRESS The album is scheduled to be released on December 27 at 16:00 Thai time.

The YouTube Originals content Re:MASTERPIECE (Re: Masterpiece) with a music remake process “Dreams Come True” together of Good with aespa Will be released on December 23 at 9 PM Thai time on SMTOWN YouTube channel, which the artist who owns the original song and senior in the music industry like BADA loop S.E.S. will also appear in this content.