‘Aey Chutima’ I love you so much for both company partners Enter both statements To buy a house – a car?

The situation did not last long, but … the beauty lasted forever. “Ae Chutima” former Miss Thailand is another person that time can do nothing for. It is not called very beautiful. For the former Miss Thailand in 1987, who still has work to do in the entertainment industry. ready to reveal that life is now happy In a simple, single, beautiful way

“Aey Chutima” opens the story of life and reveals love in every corner of his heart. Because I feel relieved to sit and talk and tell stories here as the first place altogether. when you love someone, ah, you throw yourself out of it without being generous With this man, he was ready to die instead. Buying a house, buying a car, making credit cards, everything is in his name.

Ae also added that “All the money is in his account. Ready to reveal that there is only one thing that makes me the most disappointed in my life. love story This time too, although she knew the destination would definitely end in pain, but why did she choose to tackle this man?

and he tells of a 6 year mystery that changed He became a heavy traveller. To the extent that she used to follow him to sleep in a liquor store. Lying on the pavement in front of the house, waiting for him to stay even though he didn’t know if he would come back or not. to the point of hiring a guard to hold a toilet The most painful thing is that Kik is a woman who has had problems with her before on the Club Friday Show.

This love, ah, I really love you so much that I dedicate everything
Ae Chutima: Very much, dive into love. When we love someone, we love with our hearts leaping to embrace them. ready to die in place of this person

Eh, buying a house and buying a car in his brother’s name?
Aye Chutima: Yes, Aye, make a statement for the younger ones, give them everything to make the statements look good, and also to make the younger ones the stock of the company.

Ae’s life is called a success in almost every aspect. But there is one side?
Ay Chutima: In many aspects, Ayy, he is successful, but there is one aspect that Ae Fel’s life has always been about love. That he will have to leave us because he and I are 31 years apart, he must have his life. But I don’t know how fast it will be.

'Aey Chutima' I love you so much for both company partners Enter both statements To buy a house - a car?

Why did we choose to go down this road even though we already saw it end this way?
Ae Chutima: Because…?

How long have you all been together?
Aye Chutima: Over 6 years, this 6th year is the year he has traveled very hard. Travel until it is bright. The cages are getting heavier and heavier. Eh, I have to go and wait for him at the karaoke bar. Then we have to connect the chair. Take the four chairs that the people are sitting on, Oh, sleep in the shop for fear of waiting for him. We went to stay along the footpath. We went out to sit and wait even though we didn’t know if he would return or not.

And to the extent that Ae had to hire a card to investigate why?
Ae Chutima: Ae can’t stand it because of women. What’s wrong? I don’t know. Every 6 o’clock at night, I have to take the car out for a drive. Ask where I drove until 6 o’clock in the afternoon. I had to hire a card. go see him. Who’s on the news today, it’s a gig with him and we live together for two full days. How are we?? We try to tell him to go home. Trying to do everything for him to come back and tell him not to have anything to do with night people If you get the disease, it won’t be worth it.

Arrived on the day I decided to break my mind.
Aye Chutima: The last day I gave up on my mind was the day Aye was tortured the most. It is unbelievable that Chutima will repeat this situation again, why doesn’t he think we are on top? We become a substitute Indifferent, we feel that we are worthless, whatever we are, we are not worth it. Eh, feel bad Let’s break up 100 times. He probably thought it was funny. He thought we couldn’t go because we loved him. But this time is the time that Ae actually decided to go up to sleep on his chest. can i hold your hand (crying)

Facing disappointment in love, it’s heavy What makes you stand still as a beautiful girl like this?
Ae Chutima: It is encouragement from the family. Parents are the most important thing, they encourage us, it’s okay, son, that is, I understand, they won’t ban me. When you have love, if you love me, I also love you. Thank you very much thank you for being there for me and never leaving me. When everyone loves me like this, I will love myself already. In the past, when he was not, why could we live?

'Aey Chutima' I love you so much for both company partners Enter both statements To buy a house - a car?

'Aey Chutima' I love you so much for both company partners Enter both statements To buy a house - a car?

'Aey Chutima' I love you so much for both company partners Enter both statements To buy a house - a car?


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