AFC Champions League group draws will be held on January 17th for Taishan Harbour to become a seeded team_Grade_AFC_East Asia

Original title: The AFC Champions League group draw will be held on January 17th, and Taishan Harbor will become the seeded team

Article source: Sports Weekly

The AFC has confirmed that the group draw for the 2022 AFC Champions League will be held at the Kuala Lumpur headquarters at 14:00 on January 17th. Last week, the AFC Competition Department has confirmed the 49 teams that will play in this year’s AFC Champions League, and have divided them. Shandong Taishan, who has just won the double champion of the Chinese Super League and the Football Association Cup, and the double runner-up Shanghai Haigang will enter the first grade, and will become the East Asian region seeded team with the three league champions of Korea, Japan and Thailand.

As last year, there are still 40 teams participating in the 2022 AFC Champions League group stage. East Asia and West Asia are eligible to send teams to the top 12 member associations in the technical points ranking of the AFC affiliated member associations. The quota allocation of the member associations is determined by the AFC Competition Committee at its meeting at the end of 2019. According to the technical score rankings at the end of 2019, the AFC has finalized the allocation of seats for the cycle from 2021 to 2022. At that time, the Chinese Super League ranked first in Asia and therefore had “3+1” seats. Moreover, last year’s Super League Champions and Football Association Cup Champions two teams will enter the first level and participate in the group stage draw ceremony. As Taishan won the double championship, the second-ranked port in the league automatically became the second-ranked team among the four representatives of the Chinese Super League, and also ranked first.

The division of the teams is based on the technical score rankings of their respective member associations and the results in domestic competitions. Specifically, among the first-tier teams, the Chinese Super League champions ranked first in the AFC technical points will be the first in the first-tier; the Japanese league champions ranked second in the East Asian technical points will be ranked second. Ranked 2nd in the first grade; the Korean league champions ranked third in technical points are ranked 3rd in the first grade; the Thai league champions ranked fourth in technical points are ranked 4th in the first grade; and then the Chinese Super League The League Football Association Cup champion team, ranked 5th in the first grade.

After this, the Japanese Cup champion ranked first in the second class; and then the Korean Cup champion, and so on. Until the four grades of teams are scheduled. It needs to be pointed out that because the Australian Super League has “1+2” ​​seats, two teams participating in the qualifying and play-offs may enter the main game. All the teams that entered the group stage through the qualifying and play-offs are all fourth-tier teams, so last season’s Australian Super League champions were also listed as fourth-tier teams to avoid two Australian Super League clubs in a group. .

In this way, the division of the teams participating in this year’s AFC Champions League group stage is as follows:

The first grade: Shandong Taishan, Japan’s Kawasaki forward, South Korea’s Jeonbuk Hyundai, Thailand Pathum United, Shanghai Seaport;

Second grade: Urawa Red Diamonds of Japan, Jeonnam Dragon of South Korea, Chiang Rai United of Thailand, Guangzhou Team, Yokohama Mariners of Japan;

The third grade: United City of the Philippines, Jiezhi of Hong Kong, China, Huang Yingjialai of Vietnam, JDT of Johor, Malaysia, Singapore Lion City;

Fourth grade: Melbourne City, Australia and the four teams that won the qualifying and play-offs.

The 40 teams participating in the group stage will be divided into five groups according to East Asia and West Asia, with 4 teams in each group. After the group draw on January 17th, the AFC will draw lots for the West Asia region first, and then East Asia. At that time, a team will be drawn from each grade to form a group; the first one drawn from each grade will directly enter Group A in West Asia or Group F in East Asia; and so on. The basic principle is: clubs in the same country will not be in the same group.

It should be pointed out that there will be no draw for the qualifying rounds and the play-offs. The AFC has preset the matchup situation in advance based on the ranking of the member associations where the participating teams are located. In the play-offs, the fourth place in the Chinese Super League last season was Changchun. Yatai will face the qualifiers of the China-Australia Super League Cup winners and the winner of the Philippines Kaya Iloilo; Japan’s third place in the league last season, Kobe Victory will face the qualifiers of the China-Australia Super League last season’s regular season runner-up Sydney FC The winner with the Myanmar Shan United team; the Korean league runner-up Ulsan Hyundai played against the Thai league third place Thai and Hong Kong; the Korean league third place played against the Thai-Hong Kong league runner-up Buriram United. At present, only the Australian Super League Cup champions have not yet been produced, and the other participating teams have been clarified.

According to the schedule, the qualifying round in East Asia is scheduled for March 8th; the play-offs are scheduled for March 15th. In other words, Yatai will be ready to play in the AFC Champions League on March 15 and strive to enter the group match. The East Asian group stage is scheduled to start on April 15, and it is likely to conflict with the new season’s Super League in terms of schedule.Return to Sohu to see more


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