AfD reaches 17 percent in polls

More than a year after the Ukraine war, the AfD has reached its all-time high in polls. They are only one percentage point behind the Chancellor’s Party.

The AfD continues to soar in polls: In a Forsa poll for RTL/ntv published on Tuesday, the right-wing party got 17 percent, the highest value it has ever measured. At the top is the Union, which gives way slightly to 29 percent. The SPD with 18 percent, the Greens with 14, the Liberals with seven and the Left with five percent received the same values ​​as in the previous week.

According to Forsa, the building energy law is still controversial: Only eleven percent believe that the heating law, as demanded by the Greens and SPD, can be passed by the Bundestag before the summer break. 85 percent no longer believe this. The plans themselves are viewed critically. 76 percent reject the idea that from the beginning of 2024 the installation of gas and oil heating systems should be banned, with a few exceptions.


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