Aff Thaksorn can’t keep his shape! Crazy in love, Gong Yoo opens a heart-wrenching sentence. Good men still exist in the world.

Standing as a strong mother But there are still many aspects of Her mother, Aff-Taksaorn Phaksukcharoen That many people never know, this event is super wow when he is the first guest. Ready to open up completely Through the new unboxing program Songs About (Songs About) on “JOOX ROOMS”, a face-to-face chat room to raise the level of satisfaction for the fans

with good-humoured presenters Title-Kittipak Thong-uam is in charge of the program. Invite celebrities and celebrities to tell their life stories through 5 favorite songs, which “Af-Thaksorn” spoke about the heart-wrenching sentence after someone once said that to believe that a good man still exist in the world And even today there is no one to ask if you are tired. like in my favorite song But there was a young man who made his heart rejuvenate again. Before answering that it is the national husband, “Gong Yoo”.

I know that “Aff” really likes Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s song Shallow, but said that no man asked “Are you tired” like in the song?

“Actually, the whole concept of this song is Are you tired? that is today men tried Women have experienced a lot. Until this point, we actually liked the deep meaning of this song, not that we were tired. or what pressure Because if we are honest, our life has been through everything. We’ve come too far for life to be hurt by those around us. from the echoes of life It can’t do anything for us anymore. But I like it because it’s a strange song too. because listening to it gives both a feeling of sadness but there is strength in it.”


Is this song similar to the AFL or the situation that the AFL has encountered in the past?
“This is it. That’s why I said that I wanted to return. want someone to take care of But people will say that if you are good at it, you can take care of yourself.”

If now a man asks if Aff is tired or not?
“If it was in the past, I would say no. I’m not tired. I’m good. I can handle it. I can handle it all. so tired Need encouragement (laughs). Now I know that we shouldn’t do that.”

A heroine who has been through a lot of drama like Aff-Taksaorn, have you ever encountered a scene that had to cry and couldn’t cry?
“There was a day when we had to go into the scene and cry but couldn’t cry until P’San Srikaew Lor, the director came to talk to Aff. and say it in one sentence Which is very painful that AFL must first believe that good men still exist in the world. I was stunned then. Go back and think that or will there be a problem with the AFL’s true beliefs, even though in the past

when we have never been through anything in life You have to try to understand the feelings of the characters. also plays the role of crying But one day when we pass a certain point, but maybe a little too much (smiles), we can’t play. At that time, I felt like I was completely dead. When I couldn’t play, Aff spoke to P’ Ple. (personal manager) What should I do? I feel scared of myself. P’ Ple said that there are 2 options for the AFL, which is to go back to the acting teacher or to see a psychiatrist because it’s something that has never happened to us. But in the end it went well.”


Would you like AFL-Taksaorn to talk about someone you admire?
“If you talk about people in your specs as a teenager We like people with character like Leonardo DiCaprio, Ashton Kutcher or Bradley Cooper. We don’t like handsome people. But I like people who look charming, smart, rebellious, stubborn, nice people. We keep them as friends (smiles). But nowadays we don’t like that anymore. We already like Gong Yoo.”

Suppose Gong Yoo calls Aff-Thaksorn and invites you to come along?
“What are you waiting for? (Smiles) Actually, AFL likes “So Ji Sub” too, but he already has a girlfriend. He’s married, leaving “Gong Yoo” unmarried. How can he get married? Aff is still here (laughs) I really want to go to Korea. You can go to play the role of “Ajumma”. Seeing him play the same person over and over again, we can go as a new actor.”

Finally, I would like to ask about the project “Gai Jai” that AFL is going to do with the new year?
“AFL agreed, having a very stressful meeting with a child, Avarin, 6 years old, that from now on we intend to do charity activities. Name the project “Giving Hearts”. We want it to be a long-term project. Constantly changing what to do during this period. But the first project that will happen on the 9th of the 9th month, we will make a pill box. Send to patients who do Home Isolation. We do it ourselves. We are not open for donations.


How’s it going with the other corner of the beautiful mother “Af-Taksaorn” who comes to talk in a very cute and friendly way? Other dorms get ready. Follow Songs About with a special guest you’ll have to shout ‘Wow’. NS ! Throughout the month of September, both Jackie Mae Nong Bong, Phi Phi Krit and Milli will come to talk live once, not to watch backwards. Every Thursday at 2 PM at JOOX ROOMS in JOOX Music Application, the only place



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