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The regional ones in Côte d’Ivoire continue to hold unpleasant surprises. Like Maître Ahoussou-Kouadio Jeannot and Professor Alphonse Djédjé Mady, Pascal Affi N’guessan also received regional corrections from the “iron lady” Aka Amanan Véronique. It ended the political reign of the “lion of Moronou”.

The calculations of President Pascal Affi N’Guessan of the Ivorian Popular Front (Fpi) are stopped at the level of his region during the regional elections. He was beaten by the candidate of the Pdci-Rda, also a deputy for M’batto, Aka Amanan Véronique.

According to the spokesperson for the Cei, Émile Ebrottié, the president of the rural Ufpdci-Rda obtained 35,659 votes, or 61.32% of the votes cast. For his part, the president of the Fpi, he had 21,652 votes, or 37.23%.

The election of Aka Véronique is a victory for the PDCI, which is the historic party of Côte d’Ivoire. It is also proof of the party’s popularity in the Moronou region.

As a reminder, Pascal Affi N’Guessan was elected mayor of Bongouanou from 1990 to 1995. Then president of the Regional Council (2018-2023).


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