Africa wants to welcome Ukrainian arms production: Kuleba

Dmytro Kuleba,Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Kuleba’s announcements

Dmytro Kuleba emphasized that before the Russian Federation launched a large-scale invasion, Africa was one of the largest markets for Ukrainian military products. Today, Africa is waiting for the return of Ukrainian weapons on the market, according to him.

In an African country, the leader looked me in the eyes with so much confidence and said: “We’ve already sent you so many weapons, you certainly don’t need that many.” Maybe you could share some of them with us? In other words, there is a different perception of our needs,” declared the minister without specifying who it was.

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, there is also a second interest for Africa, namely the placement of Ukrainian arms and ammunition production on African territory. “This is a new trend,” said Dmytro Kuleba, adding that the demand for the sale and production of weapons made in Ukraine will be very high.

Defense Industries Forum

The first International Defense Industries Forum (DFNC1) was held in kyiv on September 29. He brought together 252 companies from more than 30 countries. Manufacturers of tanks, artillery, drones and munitions, developers of innovative software and holders of unique sophisticated technologies from partner states took part in the forum. Ukrainian state and private companies from the defense industrial complex also took part.

During this forum, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced the creation of a defense industries alliance and a special fund in the defense sector. This fund will be replenished with funds from Russian assets and dividends from state-owned defense assets. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 38 defense companies from 19 countries have already joined the alliance.

Eye candy?

Despite the optimism that Dmytro Kuleba suggests, there are good reasons to believe that there is a great desire for manipulation. Unlike Russia, which makes no secret of its agreements with Africa, Ukraine maintains a deliberate vagueness about its companies. Africa has generally demonstrated its determination to remain neutral in this conflict.

For allusions of this magnitude, Dmytro Kuleba undoubtedly wants to send two subliminal messages to the African continent. Ukraine, which storms the international community to be in difficulty against Russia lacking arms, would be sufficiently equipped to the point of being able to supply Africa. Unless it refuels to liquidate in Africa. Another hypothesis, Envious of the interest that Russia carries in Africa and beyond, Ukraine is trying to puff out its chest by aping Russia. But does she have the means? She who is weakened by incompetent executivescrooked and lacking alternatives.


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