African Nations Cup: Six fans die in crowded stadium afcon 2022 | african nations cup tragedy | cameroon match tragedy

Yaounde: Six fans were killed in a stampede at a stadium during the pre-quarterfinal match of Cameroon, the host nation of the African Nations Cup. The Olombe Stadium in Cameroon witnessed the tragedy.

Fans who came to watch Cameroon’s pre – quarter match against the Comoros Island were in danger. Fans gathered outside the stadium to watch the match, pushing open the closed gate and entering the stadium. This is what led to the great tragedy.

At present, six people have been killed. Cameroon’s Central Region Governor Nasseri Paul Biya has said the death toll could rise further. The dead included children. Authorities closed the gate, denying entry to the stadium.

Forty injured fans have been admitted to Messassi Hospital in Cameroon. The condition of many of them is critical. The Olympus Stadium has a capacity of 60,000 spectators. The government reduced it to 50,000 in view of the expansion of Kovid.

The African Football Confederation (AFC) has said it will investigate the stadium in detail. For the first time in 50 years, Cameroon will host the African Nations Cup. Cameroon had a chance in 2019 but the tournament was moved to Egypt due to Kovid expansion.

Cameroon wins match against Comoros Island to reach quarter-finals

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