Afroza spent the whole night to meet the Prime Minister

A woman sat in Rajshahi holding a banner all night to meet Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Her name is Afroza Akhtar. He came to Rajshahi from Dhaka on Saturday, the day before the Prime Minister’s public meeting. He sat all night with a banner written demanding to meet the Prime Minister.

On Sunday (January 29), Sheikh Hasina will address the public meeting organized at Madrasa Maidan in Rajshahi.

Afroza Akhtar said, ‘My only wish in life is that I want to see Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, daughter of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, I want to talk to her, I want to present her 3 pictures painted by me. I am getting mentally ill with the desire to meet the Prime Minister. I have come from Nabinagar in Savar, Dhaka, because I will meet him.’

Afroza Akhtar, sitting at the city’s fire service intersection, said, “My father Nurul Hossain used to work in the Chittagong Power Development Board.” I heard from my father how Bangabandhu worked for the development of the country. How everyone participated in the liberation war at his call. How Bangabandhu was killed. Hearing it from my father’s mouth makes me want to see Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. I tried to meet him since childhood, but could not. I got married in 1993 while studying in Intermediate. I have two daughters. Eldest daughter Nusrat Alam passed SSC and got admission in college. And the younger daughter is in third grade.

He also said that my relationship with my husband is not good. I am trying to raise children by tutoring. My husband also pays the expenses. My daughter wants to be a lawyer when she grows up. Although my husband is Awami League, my in-laws are supporters of BNP. I was also a victim of their torture for wanting to meet Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Afroza Akhtar said, I am sitting here without eating. I don’t even want to eat anything, I just want to meet the Prime Minister.

Why do you want to meet? Are there any requests? When asked to know, Afroza Akhtar said, I have not received any request. I just want to meet and talk to her (Sheikh Hasina). I would like to give away 3 hand painted pictures. A picture of Bangabundhu, a picture of the Prime Minister and a dream painting of the Padma Setu. Also, with the money I saved, I built a boat of my own design, which was washed with water of bronze and gold. I never learned to paint formally. I have taken pictures myself to give as a gift to the Prime Minister. It took 7 days to paint each picture.

He said, I went to the Prime Minister’s office a few days ago hoping to meet him. But did not meet. Now I have brought that hope to Rajshahi.


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