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After 10 years, the light and darkness is clear … Verify the results of the 2011 draft and the “evaluation” immediately after | Full-Count

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Fujioka, Kanno, Nomura’s college pitcher “BIG3” and Takahashi’s draft attracted attention

At the “Professional Baseball Draft Conference supporetd by Lipovitan D” held on the 11th, 77 people and 51 people were nominated under control. In addition, players who newly jump into the world of professional baseball. The true results of this draft will not be known until five or ten years later. So how do the results of the 2011 draft, just 10 years ago, come out after 10 years?

In the 2011 draft, Takahiro Fujioka of Toyo University, Tomoyuki Sugano of Tokai University, Yusuke Nomura of Meiji University and “BIG3”, a university student pitcher, and Shuhei Takahashi of Tokai University Kofu High School were attracting attention. Lotte got the right to negotiate with Fujioka, who competed with the three teams, and Chunichi got the right to negotiate with Takahashi, who also competed with the three teams. In Sugano, the giant and Nippon-Ham competed, and although Nippon-Ham got the right to negotiate by lottery, he did not join. Nomura was caught by Hiroshima.

Lotte, Softbank, Chunichi, and Nippon-Ham were highly evaluated in this year’s draft. On the contrary, it was Yokohama, Yakult, and Giants who were evaluated as dry. Lotte not only joined Fujioka in 1st place, but also Yuhei Nakaushiro in 2nd place, Daichi Suzuki (currently Rakuten) in 3rd place, and Naoya Masuda in 4th place. Fujioka didn’t quite live up to expectations, but Suzuki and Masuda are still active on the front lines. It can be said that it was quite a “winning year”.

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Shota Takeda won eight wins in the first year of Softbank, and in 2015 and 2016 he marked double-digit wins for the second consecutive year, and Shinya Kayama, who was in fifth place, also played an active role as a left-handed killer. Takahashi has grown regularly in China and Japan, and Tajima is also contributing as a middleman. Nippon-Ham did not join the team, but it was a “winning year” with Go Matsumoto in 2nd place, Kensuke Kondoh in 4th place, and Naoyuki Uwasawa in 6th place.

In Hanshin, all five players will leave the team after Kazuo Ito is notified that he is out of force …


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