After 35 years, the people gathered in the “Dream of Red Mansions” on the stage of Xi’an.

Holographic projection resurrection Lin’s sister Deng Jie sings “Smart and Tired”

After 35 years, the people gathered in the “Dream of Red Mansions” on the stage of Xi’an.

2022-09-19 11:47:18Source: Xi’an News Network

Photo courtesy of Shaanxi Grand Theater at the performance site

Xi’an News Network News Thirty years ago, the TV series “Dream of Red Mansions” was broadcast, and the streets were empty. As soon as the theme song “Ning the Eyebrows in vain” sounded, the hearts of hundreds of millions of viewers were stirred. “Dream of Red Mansions” became not only a hot cultural phenomenon at that time, but the topic around it has been waiting for 35 years. These two days, “Eternal Dream of Red Mansions – Edition 87″The 35” Anniversary Concert was held at the Shaanxi Grand Theatre, setting off a red building boom among the audience in Xi’an.

Because of “Dream of Red Mansions”, the audience was full; because Jia Baoyu, Wang Xifeng, Jia Lian, Liu Xianglian, Jia Yingchun, Jia Xichun, Xiangling and other characters from that year came on the stage, and together sang “Ningmei in vain” on and off the stage. Many members of the audience in the audience watched the whole scene with tears in their eyes, and all the main creators made a loud confession to the stage when calling the curtain call.

Composer Wang Liping was very emotional at the scene: “What is called forever is falling into a dream once and never waking up! When music opened the door of time, we finally had the honor to meet those who created classics and miracles again The characters in the play, and the characters in the play reflect the issues of the world. We can all hear some deep feelings in the music of Dream of Red Mansions.”

In the funny greetings of “Dream Chanter” Zhang Guoli, “Spicy Phoenix”, the dignified and steady Xue Baochai, the hearty and unrestrained Shi Xiangyun, the kind and considerate Xiren, Xichun, Yingchun, Miao Yu, Ping’er, Xiangling and other red mansions, as well as the familiar faces of Rongning and Ningfu, have all come… 35 years of time can be seen turning back, and the scenes of that year will flow in the minds of the audience.

Under the joint performance of the famous conductor Zhang Lie and XSO Xi’an Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, the soprano Wu Bixia, with her penetrating and charming voice, almost perfectly restores the artistic concept of “full of melancholy emotion and infinite” in the music, attracted the obsessed audience to shout again and again while applauding: “Mr. Wu so beautiful! ” Deng Jie sang “Smart and tired” personally.

When “Red Bean Song” sounded, the tears of love sickness were worth more than a thousand words; when “The Song of Burial Flowers” played, you and I became friends tonight; when CG imaging technology reproduced the image of Sister Lin on stage, The phrase “reunion after a long absence” pushed the performance to a climax in the tears of the audience.

The “Insurmountable Classic” has not ended yet. At the performance site, the host Zhang Guoli also announced good news to everyone – based on the music of the 87th version of “A Dream of Red Mansions”, Shaanxi Grand Theater will creates and produces a musical version of “A Dream of Red Mansions”. Mr. Wang Liping is still invited to compose the music, and Ms. He Jiping, who has served as the screenwriter of films such as “New Dragon Inn”, “Famous Name”, “Dragon Gate Flying Armor”, “When the Moon Come”, and “Evil Does Not Overpower the Righteous”, are invited to create. From September 2022 to February 2023, during the 6-month period, Dream of Red Mansions and Shaanxi Grand Theatre’s Dream of Red Mansions series will also include Yue’s dance plays, dramas, opera and ballet versions of “Dream of Red Mansions ” in Shaanxi. The Grand Theatre..

Tang Jiaxin, intern at Xi’an Newspaper All Media Reporter

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