After a delay, Bank of North Dakota is still watching a new building 'financial services'; North Dakota News

After a delay, Bank of North Dakota is still watching a new building 'financial services'; North Dakota News

North Dakota state officials are preparing plans to build a new "financial services center" after delaying budget defaults on the construction project.

Four years ago, state makers authorized the use of $ 17 million in state assets from North Dakota Bank for the project, which would be provided by the Department of Commerce, the Department of Financial Institutions and the Housing Finance Agency. The three agencies currently have space available.

The project was expected to include 40,000 to 45,000 square feet adjacent to the existing North Dakota Bank in Bismarck and planned construction in 2016.

But the economic downturn that forced budget cuts that year stopped the project. While North Dakota Bank did not need to make cuts to Gov-ordered. Jack Dalrymple, President and CEO Eric Hardmeyer, said on Tuesday, 18 June, that “the opticians were in a position to see that it was not time to do so, to build a building when we were cutting other areas. "

State law makers in 2017 extended authorization for the project in mid-2021, Hardmeyer said. He said that the vision for the project remained largely.

"This is a financial center, an economic development campus," he said. "It won't change very much, but there might be an agency or two that could be in the mix that wasn't previously."

Hardmeyer expects to get the green light from the Industrial Commission, which oversees the bank and is chaired by Gov. Doug Burgum. The panel of three members was expected to discuss the project on Thursday but was not on the agenda.

Burgum, Republican, took office after the project was approved by the approvers. Hardmeyer said that the governor had expressed an interest in promoting the efficiency of government but "has some questions about the costs and use of space."

In a statement, Burgum spokesman Mike Nowatzki said "the governor supports the concept and looks forward to further refinement to ensure that this use of state resources is as effective as possible and creates an environment capable of 21st century labor." to attract and retain age.

The Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, another member of the commission, was not available to comment on Wednesday. Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring, third member of the panel, said he supported the project.

“It was a great support and rationale that we have spread state agencies across the town in different types of buildings and are paying different levels of rent,” he said. This gives them all under one roof. "

Hardmeyer hopes that the new building will be occupied by 2021.

"I think there is an opportunity to renew the plans we drafted in 2015," he said. "Of course things have changed in three or four years."


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