After a hot year with Yang Hyun-jong…Benjamin “A player as great as his skill” ‘[오!쎈 광주]

[OSEN=광주, 이선호 기자] “Nice to meet you, friend”.

Hyeonjong Yang of KIA Tigers and Wes Benjamin of KT Wiz gave a hot hug after a year.

The two players met briefly before the match at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 7th. Last year, when Yang Hyun-jong joined the Texas Rangers, he had a one-pot meal.

Benjamin joined KT as a substitute and has been waiting for a meeting with Yang Hyun-jong. Manager Lee Kang-cheol asked Yang Hyeon-jong about Benjamin’s status, and he heard that it was okay, so he hired him. Benjamin met Hyun-Jong Yang in the Champions Field hallway before the match and hugged him warmly.

The two players also confirmed their well-being, including talking about the match the day before and the condition of Benjamin, who returned from injury. In addition, Benjamin cheered for Yang Hyun-jong, who received the most votes as an All-Star, and promised to have a seat with Benjamin’s family when they enter the country.

Yang Hyun-jong and Benjamin are hugging. / Courtesy of KT Wiz

Benjamin said, “I found out through the media that Hyun-jong Yang received the most votes for the KBO All-Star. I think he is a great player as much as his skill.

He continued, “Every time, I was able to see a lot of videos of Yang Hyun-jong pitching. As an excellent pitcher, I always try to imitate him a lot. I want to go see him.” He looked forward to the next meeting.

Benjamin spent three innings before his debut and four innings in the second game to get used to it, and on the 2nd, he won the game against Doosan on the 2nd, recording 4 hits, 9 strikeouts and 3 runs. Yang Hyun-jong’s evaluation was not wrong. /

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