After a loose year-end and New Year storm… Worldwide corona’deterioration’

Medical staff at Los Angeles Hospital, USA, taking care of corona patients. yunhap news

As the aftermath of the New Year holidays following Christmas is in full swing, the situation of Corona 19 is worsening around the world.

Accordingly, the United States decided to immediately distribute stockpiles to speed up vaccination.

According to CNN and BBC on the 12th (local time), an average of 3,223 people died of Corona 19 per day in the United States over the past week. Hundreds more people are killed than those who were killed in the September 11th terrorist attacks in 2001 (2977).

It is analyzed that this spread is due to poor social distancing during the holiday season, which started from Thanksgiving at the end of last year to Christmas and New Year.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said, “What we were concerned about has happened,” he said. “People have lifted their boundaries during the Christmas and New Year holidays.”

Accordingly, the U.S. government has decided to immediately distribute the amount of Corona 19 vaccine that it has stockpiled for the second dose. At the same time, it canceled the plan to administer only half the dose to expand vaccination.

Health and Welfare Minister Alix Aza said, “Vaccines stocked in warehouses only mean another lifeless or full bed.” “I do.”

Currently, with 25.4 million doses of vaccine distributed, 9 million people have completed the first vaccination. The plan to inoculate 20 million people by the end of last year has been disrupted.

Therefore, 10 states have put the National Guard on the vaccination site, and some states have turned to dentists and retired doctors for help.

Residents await their turn on the 11th (local time) at the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) vaccination center in the’Millennium Point Center’ in Birmingham in central England, UK. yunhap news

Meanwhile, the UK announced that the number of Corona 19 deaths on the day was 1243. It is the second highest number ever since 1325 on the 8th.

Interior Minister Pretty Patel asked the public to refrain from going out and stay at home, warning that he would be fined for violating restrictions.

In Germany, the number of confirmed cases and deaths per day was 29,875 and 585, respectively, the highest all-time record. Although restaurants and pubs are being closed at a’low level’, including the closure of restaurants and bars, it is evaluated that the effect was not achieved due to different regulatory measures by region.

Prime Minister Angela Merkel said in a speech to the House of Representatives, calling for further action and saying, “It is unacceptable to kill 500 people a day.”

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