After a year, the winning coach in the dugout

Sabinara has been out of action for a long time after winning the SAFF Championship in Nepal. The fact that the champions were not included in the regular game did not reduce the discussion and criticism. Team coach Golam Rabbani Chhotan quit his job unexpectedly. He hasn’t been seen in the dugout lately though. He returned to the dugout after exactly one year. But not in the national team, but for the women’s football team of the army.

The Army women’s team made its official debut on Tuesday and played a match. They won the Purnima match 2-0 against BKSP in front of a huge crowd at the Army Stadium.

Coach Chhotan’s dream with army team is very big. Want to go far. After the match, Sabinad’s former coach told the Bangla Tribune, ‘After many days, I was in the dugout in the presence of spectators. I like it. Even though three more matches were played before this, there was no such formality. I won all the matches with my team. The team is slated to play in the Women’s Football League in the future. The party’s activities are going on with that goal.’

Army chief SM Shafiuddin Ahmed encouraged the players by attending the match in the afternoon.


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