After being defrauded by the call center gang Do a good egg business For the most hurt gang family

After being defrauded by the call center gang Do a good egg business For the most hurt gang family

A young egg trader in Nang Rong District, Buriram, who was caught by a call center gang. being tricked into carrying out financial transactions on mobile phones And still being ridiculed by this gang on the phone the next day Revealed after news of better sales Most want to know ready to congratulate the occupation call center gang If your children, your wife, your parents are happy in your job, we are happy too.

On 1 December, in the case of Mr Natthaphon Pakhito, 31 years old, owner of the Klang Khai Shop. Nang Rong Municipal Market, Nang Rong District, Buriram Province, complaining of being hit by a call center gang Called claiming to be the IRS Then load the installer on the phone to cancel the state welfare program. before being hit by a call center gang to control the operation of the mobile phone and then transfer money from the account

In which the news about Mr. Natthaphon that the money in the account disappeared, about 14,000 baht, finally the next day after the news call center gang dissatisfaction with distorted news The phone came to remind me to fix the news. Because the money received was not 14,000, but 190,000 baht. Giving news like that caused damage to the gang. has lost the potential of the gang According to the news that

Most recently, Mr. Nattaphon has come out to reveal that Now he is considered the mouthpiece of the general public. Because many people come to ask. Drop in to buy eggs and ask questions to be curious. Tell everyone who asks He will also buy eggs with him. leading to an increase in the sale of eggs as shelter

Mr. said Natthaphon also said that the money he had won was not much, not less, because he still had the ability to win. Not dead, can find again What they are satisfied with now is Cheated many people Reported to the police. After not being bold before for fear of embarrassment Regarding the case, the police are speeding up their work. Call to ask regularly

For call center gangs calling to scam themselves I don’t mind a thing. Whose ability is it? Who is the path of life? his life’s path Personally, he will continue to hold on to his honest career. About him, when he intended to seize this profession, he did it. If his family, his children, his wife or his parents Delighted to make good money, he was also happy, just wanted to ask about sustainability.

Mr. Chettha Saepoo, 66 years old, customer of Klang Khai Shop. Said that today came to encourage the owner of the shop. who dares to say without embarrassment It is a warning to the public to be more informed. Because during this period the economy is not good. If someone cheated like this again, it would be painful.

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