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[The Epoch Times, January 17, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Tong Yijia comprehensive report) Li Jiaxin, who was awarded the title of “the most beautiful Hong Kong sister”, revealed on the 15th that she walked away from the gate of the ghost gate and was sent to the ICU for emergency treatment for 48 hours before being retrieved One life. The doctor said, “If the rescue is delayed, there will be almost no Li Jiaxin in this world.” It is reported that she suffered severe injuries to four vital organs and almost turned into a vegetative state. The cause was also exposed recently.

According to Hong Kong’s “East Network” report, Li Jiaxin also served as a judge in Hong Kong’s ViuTV talent show “National Star IV” in the middle of last month, and it seems that she is in good condition. Unexpectedly, only a few weeks later, she posted that she was admitted to the intensive care unit for 48 hours.

Judging from the photo of Li Jiaxin’s hospital bed exposed on IG on the 15th, she has a hanging drip tube in her hand, a heartbeat monitoring device in her hand, and an oxygen delivery catheter in her nose. It turned out that in the middle of the night on January 11, she suddenly felt a rapid heartbeat, 140 to 150 beats per minute, and could not breathe and walk unsteadily. After contacting a doctor she knew, she was urgently arranged to be hospitalized.

According to the report, Li Jiaxin’s blood pressure was too low to be measured at that time, and her oxygen level was also surprisingly low. After being diagnosed by a doctor, she decided to send her to the intensive care unit to have her lungs pumped. Fortunately, the condition improved after the pulmonary effusion was removed.

Afterwards, Li Jiaxin revealed the condition to the media through the staff: “At that time, the heart, liver and kidney functions had almost stopped. Fortunately, the mind was still clear. If the blood could not reach the brain, it would become a vegetative state. The doctor also told that if the rescue was delayed, the world would be poor. There is no Li Jiaxin at all.”

Li Jiaxin was diagnosed with “congenital heart structural problems” this time. At present, she has been discharged from the hospital, her heartbeat has slowed down, and the functions of other organs are slowly recovering. In the next 4 weeks, she will need to “live slowly” to recuperate her body.

She said with emotion: “The human body is like this. One organ affects another organ. This time, the blood pressure dropped sharply, which affected various important organs such as the liver, kidney, heart, and lung. Tell everyone about this, because I really want to Remind everyone that you must take good care of your body, nothing is more important than your health, and living is a victory!”

According to a number of Taiwanese media reports, this kind of “congenital heart structure problem” cannot be completely cured. At that time, Taiwan’s “Queen of National Standard Dance” Liu Zhen underwent aortic dilation surgery because of “congenital heart problems”, and finally died due to the failure of the surgery.

51-year-old Li Jiaxin made her debut as a model. In 1988, when she was 18 years old, she ran for Miss Hong Kong and won the Miss Hong Kong championship. In the same year, she won the first Miss Chinese International. After that, she joined Hong Kong TVB (TVB) and starred in many TV dramas. Later, he moved to the film industry and cooperated with many famous directors such as Wong Kar-wai, Tsui Hark, and Hou Hsiao-hsien.

In 2008, Li Jiaxin married Xu Jinheng, a wealthy Hong Kong businessman, and faded out of the entertainment circle. Married into a wealthy family, although she once faced opposition, she has always shown high emotional intelligence and is very filial to her in-laws. Netizens can see from the photos she often shares on social platforms that even during the holidays, she does not invite friends, but is a filial daughter-in-law and accompanies her family at home. The couple have been married for more than 10 years and have been loving each other. They travel together from time to time. Whenever they attend an event, the two will show up hand in hand.

Li Jiaxin’s father-in-law Xu Shixun died of illness in 2018. Xu Shixun is the youngest son of the late ship king Xu Aizhou. The Xu family is a famous family in Hong Kong and its main business is real estate and investment. In 2011, when Li Jiaxin gave birth to his son Xu Jiantong (Jayden) for the Xu family, Xu Shixun once spent 5 million (Hong Kong dollars, the same below) to hold a 100-day wedding banquet for his grandson.

According to Hong Kong media reports, Xu Shixun made arrangements for the 42 billion property in his name before his death, all of which were allocated to the family trust fund and huge insurance policy, so that each member of the Xu family could receive a monthly living allowance from it, instead of distributing the estate at one time. Other funds are managed by the foundation. Although Li Jiaxin and his wife did not receive a large amount of inheritance at one time, the living expenses they received increased significantly, reaching 2 million yuan per month.

Since becoming a mother, Li Jiaxin has been busy taking care of her son and only occasionally attends brand events. After a 10-year absence from the screen, Li Jiaxin made a comeback in 2019 as “Yang Guifei” in the mainland variety show “Acting School”.

According to Hong Kong’s “Economic Daily”, the program team moved her to participate in the show with an 8-figure salary. Another report pointed out that Li Jiaxin is rich and does not worry about food and clothing. She is not attracted by high pay, but wants to seek a breakthrough in her acting career.

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