After breaking out of the blue light of the boom, the average two-year return rate of Taiwanese stocks entering the market exceeds 20%-Free Finance and Economics

Entering the market after leaving the blue light of the boom, the average two-year return rate of Taiwan stocks exceeds 20% (file photo)

[Reporter Zhuo Yijun/Taipei Report]The prosperity light has been a blue light representing a downturn for 9 consecutive months, but the recent recovery signal has become more and more obvious, and it is close to turning the light. Historical experience shows that Taiwan stocks usually perform well after leaving the blue light.

The National Development Council’s latest announcement of the July prosperity light score has risen to 15, only 2 points away from turning into yellow and blue lights. Benefited from the increase in demand for AI and cloud data services, the decline in production and trade in July began to converge, and the confidence of manufacturing manufacturers also increased. It has improved from last month, and it is expected that there will be a chance to turn the lights in the fourth quarter.

Uni-President Investment Trust stated that according to the monthly recovery rhythm of 1 to 2 points in recent months, coupled with the gradual improvement of other leading indicators, the light may turn around in September at the earliest. The worst-case scenario of the fundamentals has passed, and most industry inventory adjustments will end in the second half of the year. Previously, AI servers were limited by material shortages and shipments were low. As the supply chain resumes smooth, shipments are expected to be revised upwards in the third quarter. It is expected that the operations of Taiwan-listed companies will recover next year. According to the early response characteristics of the stock market, front-end stocks still have opportunities to perform at the end of the year.

The Uni-President’s letter stated that since 2000, there have been five consecutive rounds of blue lights in Taiwan. According to Morningstar data, if an investor enters the market at the end of the month when the boom light first leaves the blue light, and invests in a single investment in Taiwan stocks and holds them for 2 years, the probability of positive returns for the weighted index and Taiwan stock funds is 100%, and the positive return rate for the electronic index is 100%. There is also an 80% chance of reward. Among these 5 rounds, the average two-year return rate of the weighted index reached 25.2%, while that of the electronic index was 20.43%. Bring excess returns to investors.

The Uni-President Taiwan High Interest Fund, which started raising today (the source of the fund’s dividend distribution may be the principal and income equalization fund), focuses on high dividends and growth. It is expected to enter the market in mid-to-late September to grasp the recovery of Taiwan’s economy Quotes.

Uni-President Investment Trust pointed out that Uni-President Taiwan’s high-interest selection fund focuses on three major global trends, including the most visible AI theme, business opportunities for industrial upgrading of innovative products, and energy transformation at the core of ESG trends. The investment allocation adopts 70~80% of electronic stocks, and 20~30% of the growth value of the inheritance, so that investors can pursue high dividends and high growth through a fund, not only receiving and filling interest, but also earning capital gains .

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